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Campus Ambassador

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Xboom invites youngsters to join us in our effort to make a safer society, starting from their own campus.We are looking for dynamic and creative students who can fulfill the duty enthusiastically.


Campus Ambassador is a person responsible for publicizing and promoting our brand in their college. The Ambassador will be representative of XBOOM, in his/her college. It is a unique opportunity for students to enhance their skills in the fields of publicity, marketing, networking ,and maintaining public relations at a national level by acting as the Campus Ambassador for their college.

Responsibilities of a campus ambassador 

1. Come up with innovative ideas on how XBOOM can associate with your college.

2. Publicizing our blogs/articles/posts events on their social media channels by sharing the link of our event.

3. Putting up posters of our events on student notice boards.

4. Forwarding the mails to student mailing list.

5. Coordinate with your and other colleges to create awareness about XBOOM website and the events.

6. Getting connected to the major student organizations/clubs in your college.

 7. Create a XBOOM Facebook Page for your college and use it to promote activities and information of XBOOM in your college.

8. Finding in- campus talent who can add value to our efforts.

Advantages of being Xboom Campus Ambassador 

a) Opportunity to collaborate with, and be a part of a network of thousands of students from across the country.

b) Gain exposure in national level event promotion, organization and brand management.

c) Each Campus Ambassador will receive a certificate accrediting their efforts in the above mentioned activities.

d) Get monitory award/gifts coupons on regular basis.

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