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Celestron Telescope Collection

Celestron Telescope

Celestron is an American-owned company that manufactures telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, microscopes, and a few other products that are accessories for its parent company Synta Technologies. It’s been American-owned for over 40 years until its recent acquisition by its parent company Synta Technologies. Celestron is one of the leading producers of telescopes worldwide and has a large massive share. The founder of the company Tom Johnson got into telescopes when he built 6 of them for his two sons. This fascination soon turned into a career goal which brought him massive success. Celestron and Meade Technologies have been rivals ever since their inception. All the product lines designs, pricing, marketing, etc have been in response to their competition with each other. Meade Technologies almost acquired Celestron Technologies but the legal battle ended in a mutual stalemate. We at XBoom are dedicated to bringing you the best. Here’s our collection of the best celestron products on the market.

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