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Cut down that tension; invest in GPS trackers for your vehicles.

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Safety, of our most valuable possessions, is of utmost concern throughout our lives. The alarming number of burglary incidents keep you bugged and sleepless for nights. There is constant stress about the safety of the only car and bike that you own or perhaps the luxurious dream car that you recently purchased with all the years of savings. You could be stressed about your car’s whereabouts when you have a driver when you’re running a car rental business or even when you are driving so the GPS trackers on the vehicles will be useful. The concern never goes away!

However, with the advent of technology, we can quite conveniently cut our tension down and take care of our vehicles. According to The Times of India (TOI), the number of motor thefts have reduced in Kolkata to an average of less than 1 theft in a day. The incredible invention of GPS trackers has made vehicle tracking easier than ever before! The Reuters claims that the demand for GPS Trackers will see a tremendous boom as its market is expecting a valuation of USD 2.53 Bn by 2023. 

Keeping the safety of vehicles as the utmost concern, a number of companies aim to provide a wide variety of highly advanced equipment and software to meet your particular personal and business needs in order to keep track of your vehicle. This software comes with amazing features providing solutions to numerous safety concerns. 

If you are still pondering over how these GPS trackers are actually going to benefit you in any way, keep reading and you’ll surely find an answer by the end of it.

Why should you invest in GPS Trackers


  • Security Purposes 

You can get the exact location of the vehicle through the tracking devices. If your car has been stolen, the GPS helps the police in tracking down the location of the vehicle, thereby getting a hold of the culprit easily. If your car is being used by your driver and is taking forever to reach, you can easily track down the current position of the car. Moreover, in huge parking of malls and amusement parks, sometimes you might forget the area where you parked your car, these GPS tracking systems come very handy and help you in figuring out the location of the car.


  • Easy to use

The technology has made it extremely convenient to use GPS trackers as they are compatible with your smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Any of your personal devices can help you in finding the location of your vehicles in minutes, rather seconds. Quite smartly engineered, easy to use, friendly and can be used on the go.


  • Customer Service

Have a transportation or rental business? Concerned about the safety of your fleet of vehicles and its uses? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, the GPS trackers are here for the rescue! These systems give you the ability to ensure that your goods carrying truck or bus or taxi with tourists is on the right track and is not wandering elsewhere. This helps in detecting any form of danger pertaining to the safety of the goods or the tourists. The customers availing the taxis can use the GPS tracking feature and forward their current location to their family and relatives, improving their experience with your company.

Now that you’re convinced to invest in this highly advantageous idea, look at the amazing features the XBoom’s GPS Tracker provide.


XBoom has the following features of GPS Trackers for vehicles to offer:

  • Xboom uses advanced GPS technology and cellular technology.
  • It is compatible with Google maps, making it easy to navigate and send you a real-time location.
  • It has an SOS button as well which allows your driver to send a message in case he is in some trouble or has been attacked. Moreover, the customers traveling in the vehicle can also notify their family and friends of their current location.  
  • The Bike GPS trackers and Car GPS trackers can be programmed to give you regular location updates at your devices. 

XBoom has various options for you to choose from, depending on your budget and the usage of the tracking devices. 


Have a look at the top-class GPS Trackers for your vehicle!

    1. AT4 – Wireless Asset Tracker 

This tracker has got IPX5 waterproof water-resistant case to ensure stable operation in a tough environment. It also gives you a tamper alert, which means it sends you a message of being disassembled. With the help of this device, you can even listen to the surrounding environment by sending an SMS. All these features make this device so full proof.

    2. GPS Tracker V7 (GAGAN – 1) 

It has got an analogue input feature that alerts about the fuel content. It might seem futile unless you realize how well it helps you to keep a check on your drivers and ensure if they have not been taking your vehicle for a free ride. Beyond this, it has numerous other features that we claim we provide. 

    3. JC200- Live Cam GPS Trackers 

This car GPS tracker comes with Audio, Video recording and live transmission. You can get a 1080p full HD recording of the surrounding. It comes with Android support as well. Cameras are ultra-wide with 145-degree viewing angle. This one you definitely shouldn’t miss!

So, get away with that tension and get peace of mind just by investing in such a useful technology for the safety of your vehicles, it’ll do you wonders! Book your favorite GPS Tracker with Xboom today at the most convenient prices!

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