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Do Security Systems Make Your Home Safer?

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Home Security Devices


                Home Security Devices – Reality Check


Every day you can easily find news flashes or videos on social media depicting crimes flourishing in India. One of these and also one of the most common is burglary or housebreaking. Thieves entering the house dressed as maids, robberies at night when the family left for vacation, etc., are a few examples. Security is one of the most important responsibilities of being the head of the house. Buying a house, but not installing a proper security system can take a toll in the long run. Mishaps and hazards never inform before coming. You can always find them in the most unlikely circumstances. As someone rightly said, precaution is better than cure. Therefore, it makes good sense if the house is ever-ready to face any casualty. Fortunately, you can now protect your houses better with technological advancements in home security systems.

History of home security systems

The security systems available to us today are not just a series of improved technological developments, over the years. The foundation of effective security systems was developed generations ago. It was initially in 1918, at the end of the first world war, that home security gained importance. It was so because there was a hike in the number of crimes, post the war. Also, insurance companies began offering discounts to alarm subscribers. Therefore, the demand for alarm systems increased. Further, in 1989, the concept of video surveillance was introduced to the public. Coming back to the present, surveillance cameras are widespread in countries like America, India, Japan, etc. The home security camera system including a wireless CCTV camera price is made affordable.

Functions of home security systems

As stated earlier, the times have advanced and so has the technology behind the home security systems. The number of features of home security systems includes is tremendous in India. Sensors, door chimes, alarms are quite basic. The heart of the system is the control panel which is connected to a remote alarm monitoring system. Apart from the basics, there are some major technological advancements introduced in the market. The latest home security systems are making use of wireless sensors that allow remote monitoring. The connection between the home the central monitoring station is also made wireless. The home security camera system now utilizes better technology to deliver vivid full-color HD videos. More importantly, they are tucked inside small-sized devices, which easily camouflage in the home decor. If you need one separately, you can easily get the wireless CCTV camera price in India anywhere. Another major development is home automation technology. It not only enables to view the things taking place inside the house but also allows us to control it, some given distance.

Advantages of security systems

Howler-Home security alarm

Protection from intruders: There is a fair probability that homes without security systems are an easy target of burglars. This also means that the mere presence of alarm systems is sometimes enough to prevent robberies in countries around the world like India. While going for a vacation or work,  you leave all your valuable alone in your home. Intruders before breaking in usually keep a watch on your home to get all the information on your movement so that they can get the best possible time window to execute the robbery. You can take the intruders by surprise when you are loaded with anti-theft gadgets to outsmart their intentions.

Fireproof house: Some of the home security systems have smoke alarms, which become active during a fire outbreak. This not just makes not just theft free but also fireproof. To add an extra layer of security, the alarms inform the authorities about the fire.
Mental peace: Knowing that the house is completely protected, even when you’re away, is peaceful. Moreover, when the owners of the house are elderly, or handicapped in some manner, or if your job requires more hours away from your place, a security system gives immense comfort.

Disadvantages of security systems

Security Device Cost: One of the factors that hinder people from getting home security camera system is the cost. Some people might not be able to afford it. Besides the purchasing price, the consumers have to incur installation costs as well. But only, this cost is present initially.
Maintenance: When you install an expensive security system equipped with the latest technology, there are some maintenance charges as well. Though the camera and sensors usually function well, they might demand replacement or repairs if there are damages. But then again, it is a small cost when compared to big benefits offered.

Common components of home security systems

The different parts of a home security system are as follows-
Motion sensors- They are easily found in many security systems in India. They have different uses like turning the lights on, activating cameras, the setting of alarms, etc. This is the reason why they are incorporated into several home alarm system equipment.
Indoor and Outdoor Cameras- Cameras are the most important part of any security system. They are used to record the areas of the home or yard. Wireless CCTV cameras can send images directly to your smartphone.
Glass break detectors- They are handy sensors that can detect the frequency of the sound of shattering glass and set off an alarm. They are placed indoors near windows or any other area that has the glass.
Smoke Detectors– Most of the home security cameras include smoke detectors. Beyond just ringing, some of the detectors speak out loud where the source of fire is.

Security system market in India


The security system market in India is at a flourishing stage. This is so because security is moving from private to public spaces. The grouping awareness regarding security and the increased standard of living have resulted in the growing importance of the sector. The hike in security threats has made the government prioritize the development and adoption of different surveillance methods. The rapidly increasing crime rates and numerous instances of a security breach in India have led to a huge loss of life and property. These are also the major drivers of the electronic security market. The security systems in India are slightly high priced. It is so because one home security system includes the cost of different components like wireless CCTV camera prices as well. According to a recent study, the video surveillance market in India was worth US$ 30.37 billion in 2016. According to predictions, it is likely to cross US$ 75 billion by 2022, the consequent CAGR being 15.4% between 2017 and 2022. Further, the intrusion detection market is also likely to grow at a CAGR of 7.1%.

Companies manufacturing security systems in India
The flourishing sector has resulted in several new firms coming up in the market. All the companies in India are equipped with world-class technology and offer premium security devices to consumers at affordable prices. The companies are spread out in different states of the country. The increase in the number of companies suggests that there is a certain advancement in the standard of living, which inclines the consumers towards making heavy investments in technology. People are readily adapt to new forms of technology, and the companies are enabling this change. They are bringing world-class facilities to the market and in turn, driving the country towards a better digitally secured future.

How reliable are home security systems?

When one talks about the efficiency of home security systems, research states that an effective security system is likely to prevent the burglary three times better than having no home security cameras. The efficiency, in this case, is directly proportional to effectiveness. The mere installation of such a system in the house stops some burglars. The fact is proven by studies. Further, more than 90% of the 30 burglars who were interviewed, said that they would not choose a target that has an alarm system. Also, 75% were deterred by as much as a sign or a window sticker. In another study, 80% out of 400 convicted burglars claimed that they would try to determine if a security system was present before breaking in. Also, half of them said that if an alarm went off while the burglary was taking place, they would abandon everything and go away. So, they might be a bit expensive, but security systems are worth the cost.


Security systems have evolved across centuries. Far from monochrome, grained pictures, home security cameras are now capable of delivering vivid HD pictures of your house on your mobile screens. The security systems perform a lot of functions to ensure the complete safety of the house. The cameras come in every shape and size, and can easily fit and camouflage in any corner of the house. There are pros and cons to the systems, but the end product, i.e, the security of the house, is worth every penny. There are different components added to the security systems which help in making the protection wholesome. Keeping pace with the world standards of security, the markets in India are flooded with home security systems. The sector is experiencing progression because of the increased awareness and standard of living. As a result, many security systems manufacturing firms have come up in India. The success of the security systems is because of its reliability. Different studies conducted to test the reliability of security systems have yielded positive results and therefore, people in India are confident about the technology.

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