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FAQs about Alarm Lock

Q1. What is Anti – Theft Alarm Lock ?

Ans. Strong built Anti-theft alarm lock to protect your home, bikes, and luggage. It is a multi-purpose lock that can sound a loud siren (130db).

Q2. Is the product water resistible?

Ans. Yes.

Q3. Do we get an alert message or call if tampered?

Ans. No.

Q4. What is the delivery time for the product?

Ans. 3-6 days.

Q5. This product can be useful for?

Ans. It is ideal for garden sheds and houses, garages, caravans, bicycles, gates etc.

Q6. What is the warranty of this product?

Ans. 3 months.

Q7. This product is made of up?

Ans. Corrosion Resistant with hardened Zinc Alloy Body

Please comment below in case you have any other questions.

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