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GPS Trackers for Kids: Wanderlust Kids & Protective Parents Can Now Go Hand-in-Hand

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GPS trackers for kids are devices that are often tiny and well concealable and can be hidden from plain sight quite easily. This means that parents do not have to endure much to ensure their children are out of harm’s way and can easily access their location at any given point of time to check up on them and always be aware of what their children are up to. GPS trackers for kids are specifically designed to be precise with their location and tracking, certain trackers also have a built-in SOS button to send out emergency messages to the concerned authorities.

A report by The Hindu estimate that on an average, about 174 children go missing in India every day out of which only 50% return back to their homes. This is a scary statistic when we understand the fact that children spend more than 70% of their day away from home, be it in school or while playing with friends or while studying,  so it has become a necessary to wear GPS trackers for kids.

Why GPS Trackers?

With the increase in the need to explore and find newer experiences, most children of the 21st century relish the trend of going on adventures to explore their localities, towns and as they grow older, whole cities. In times like these when working parents cannot restrict or monitor their children’s activity, other methods of control are a necessity to ensure that their children reach home safe and unscathed at the end of the day. Being able to monitor their children without being overpowering is a hard and daunting task for most parents. 

GPS trackers for kids not only serve the purpose of security for the child but also give guardians or parents a much-needed assurance that their child is far from harm and is safe. Apart from being easy to set up, use and access, trackers are have become a necessity in a fast-paced, perpetually connected world. With possible predators and kidnappers to thugs with malicious intent, the world is becoming a much more challenging environment with each passing day and survival necessities like the GPS Tracker makes it easier to adapt and stay one step ahead.  

One might argue that a tracker is a modern-day luxury and that ‘these things will never happen to my child’ but it is necessary to understand that safety doesn’t have a price and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Although children might find their parents tracking their every move as a clear breach of their privacy it is important for them to realize who they can trust and who they should not in a fast-paced tech-tropolis where the lines between digital spaces and their physical counterparts are fast blurring. 

The biggest challenge a parent faces is bringing up their children with a sense of what to do in a situation of panic without filling them with anxiety about an occurrence. Keep them informed about where they can go or who they can talk to, like neighbours or school staff when they sense danger. Children should be made aware of what routes to take to school and back and how to be aware of their surroundings when they move around. Who to trust and who to stay away from but sometimes, even after all these precautions are taken, there are still multiple unexpected ways that things can go wrong.  Which is why a GPS tracker for kids is a necessity. 

The statistic of missing children in India is confusing primarily because the reasons linked to children going missing are varied. From running away from home because of minor quarrels or being punished at school to being abducted for money or to be sold.  All of these problems, as varied as the spectrum is, can be curbed with the ability to know where your child is. This ability is a surefire way to ensure they aren’t at risk of anything and are always around. Trackers for children ensure that their exact location in any given locality or area is accessible at any given time. This data can be accessed via Bluetooth, emails or even messages and notifications. 

For those of us who want to be extra protective of our children, most trackers have inbuilt settings that track where all your child has been throughout a given day, it tallies this with daily reports over a stipulated time to show data such as where your child spends most of his/her time and where he/she goes most frequently. It can also track where your child usually spends a specific time or day and can be programmed to notify parents when their child is not at that specific location, for example, if your child is supposed to be at school until 4 and is left early one day, the tracker can notify you in time enough for you to make necessary arrangements to ensure your child reaches home safe. Or if he/she decides to spend time playing after school, you can be notified to reduce anxiety and be well prepared for any delays

How we can help:

At Xboom Utilities, Various individual and personal trackers are available that can be used to monitor the activities of children and pets to ensure they are trackee safe and are around at all times. Trackers that offer live location sharing enable parents to find out where their kid is at any point and track them down and ensure no harm is done. No parent ever wishes for their child to face any sort of scenario where they are lost and far from home. These devices reduce the probability of such events occurring. 

Safety is often neglected because individuals feel like the chances of them or their loved ones going through a traumatic incident is highly unlikely. Contrarily, these incidents are unpredictable and can happen to anyone of us and staying prepared to handle these situations without fear controlling our judgement is crucial to survival itself. GPS trackers reduce the risk of these incidents and improve chances of things returning to normal in the unfortunate circumstance of such an incident happening. Being aware of where family members are throughout the day can help curb worry and stress with the added benefit of knowing they are safe.

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