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How This Delhi Women Saved Herself Using Pepper Spray

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The number of attacks on women has indeed seen an increase in the last few years. Women have always been regarded as submissive, fragile and an easy target. However, this needs to change in the minds of society. Women need to bring change!

This incident is about a young lady, Juhi (name changed) in her 20’s coming back from office to home in an auto in Delhi. Due to rain, the roads were jammed and flooded making the traffic move way too slow. The auto driver suggested taking a different route instead of the main road so that he could drop her quick and get on with the next ride.

Juhi nodded in yes, while still looking down on her phone. The driver took a shortcut to reach the destination fast. It was a narrow street, of the likes you see in crowded capital’s suburbs. These are the streets with dim or no lights at all. The ride was smooth for around 20 minutes or so. The woman was constantly tracking the route through her smartphone, making no mistakes whatsoever.

To her luck, she had shared her live location home and informed about taking a different route. Going forward into another dark street, she was startled with a heavy voice and 2 men trying to get inside the auto. For a moment, she couldn’t get a hold of the situation and the men held her from the arms. With the intent to loot and abuse her, they shut her mouth with the fist and asked the driver not to stop.

Seeing that her location was constant for over 5-10 minutes at the same spot, the worried mom called on her phone. Before she could pick it up, one of the two men snatched the phone away from her and switched it off, sliding it in his pocket. The main road was just 2 minutes away but they asked the driver to take the extreme left. He was on a knife-point and way too terrified. Her mom tried calling on her phone and after many failed attempts she decided to inform the police.

In the auto, after struggling a lot and trying to escape from them, she managed to get hold of her bag. In a show of exemplary courage, Juhi took out the pepper spray from her bag which was attached to a key chain and sprayed it onto the man holding her. The other one, knife-pointing the driver, she went closer and pepper-sprayed him too. The driver had also got hold of the situation by now and hit one of them right-in-face.

The auto stopped as the two men were in excruciating pain and couldn’t do anything anymore. While the two men were suffering temporary blindness and itchiness due to the pepper-sprayed into their eyes, Juhi screamed for help and gathered people around. Seeing people coming to help, she was assured that she is safe. Carrying a pepper spray saved her life and made her escape from the attackers.

Ever since the country has witnessed the Nirbhaya case in Delhi, women from all around the world have started adopting self-defence mechanisms and devices that are available in the market today. One such device is a PEPPER SPRAY which can be used as a counter-safety item on attackers. A pepper spray is quite an easy to use device which temporarily harms the attacker giving the women enough time to escape from the scene. Having an item like the pepper spray in your bag makes most of the women more confident and carefree. Women are more optimistic and bolder about working late, going out alone and doing any urgent work at odd hours.

How to use a Pepper Spray?

  1. Raise the pepper spray on the target
  2. Release the safety lock mechanism
  3. Have a firm grip and position yourself at a safe distance from the pepper spray
  4. Activate the trigger and spray
  5. Call the police or escape for help

If the above steps are followed in the right order, it is the most effective method of escaping from any dangerous situation.


This is a story which could’ve gone wrong at so many points had the woman not had the pepper spray or the mother couldn’t have informed the police. It is extremely required to be prepared even at the time when you least expect it.

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