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Pepper spray dealership in Bangalore


We are looking for Distributors/ Dealers in different cities.

Huge business opportunity at minimal investment !

Personal safety & security products have the huge market potential and its bound to grow exponentially in coming future.

*Supported by Government

Xboom utilities is a leading safety products brand, committed to offer advanced, reliable and cost-effective safety products.

Advantages with Xboom :

* Best quality innovative product at very competitive price.

* Highvisibility of the brand n online/offline market.

* Marketing materials/assistance available on request.

* Quality customer service

Our Products 

 We have been manufacturing, importing, and wholesaling the most effective security products for women and children.

Xboom Advanced Pepper spray – Hot selling product for womens safety

Personal Security Alarm

Xboom Bling( Stun gun+Torch)

Xboom Finder- wrist Anti Lost Alarm for child safetyXboom Howler-Home security Alarm

Xboom Kitty- self Defence key Chain and many more.

About us 

Xboom is a start up dedicated to serve the sole purpose of providing a safer society for women and children. Our goal is to make a major contribution in women & children safety by providing the latest innovative technologies to masses.
Xboom is currently one of the most recognizable and respected brands in the self-defense industry. We have been successful in making a good progress in the field of women & child’s safety.
We have got the privilege to serve few of the top corporates, colleges, schools, NGOs and security personnels.
We are getting the immense support from Central ministry of Women & child development, and many other organizations working on women’s safety.


Deliverables from Xboom

1) Marketing materials provided at free of cost.
2) Training to target leads.

Target Market sector

1) Corporates/ Offices
2) Retails B2B for staffs
3) Security Agencies
4) Stae Law enforcing agencies
5) Colleges/High schools
6) Retail as B2C (Medical shops, Cosmetic shops, Supermarkets)
7) Ecommerce
8) B2C through stalls, events and door to door marketing.

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