Pepper spray for security personnel

Pepper spray for security personnel
August 6, 2015 vishal saurav


The private security personnel outnumber police in most of the countries.they play an extremely important role in maintaining law and order, protecting the property and lives of the people.

Security officers place their life on the line every time they go to work. An officer must confront every threat that presents itself. Therefore, security officers are a target for criminals who are looking to steal from, destroy, harm or otherwise conduct illegal activities on a premise. Not all security officers bear arms, however, because to do so they must first train on how to use them and receive relevant certification and permits. Unarmed security officers face an even higher risk on the job, particularly when they are up against armed criminals.

It is important for a security officer to be equipped with different gadgets/equipments which can ensure the use of force is justified and at the same time very effective.

Security guards and security officers assigned to an active post may find themselves in a situation where they are required to take a criminal into custody or defend themselves. A training question that always arises is how much force is a security officer allowed use in a tense and potentially dangerous situation?

In India, most of the security guards are not able to harness the force level 4 & 5, which causes reduction in overall performance.

In level 4 we have options of using Pepper spray or tear gas ,but since tear gas is not allowed to be used other than Indian police force,it gets strike down from the option.Basically, we are now left with one & only option of using pepper spray.Pepper spray is completely legal to use under self defense under IPC section 96c.

So It is advisable to be equipped with Pepper spray for Level 4 which help in self defending as well as stopping the criminal(incapacitates the attacker as per level 5) without any permanent damage.Security guards placed in apartment/society, ATM, public places, IT parks, malls etc must be equipped with Xboom advanced pepper spray.

 The duty to intervene when they witness undesirable or illegal activities on the premises sometimes places officers in a difficult position when they have to deal with irate, suspicious, unruly, aggressive or dangerous people.Currently hardly any Indian security company is harnessing the power of pepper sprays which is one of the major plight of Indian security officers as they are not able to exercise their duty to the constrain of law, regulation and proper self defense tools.

Just by introducing pepper spay we can have amazing effects on security guards’ performance.It in turn will make our society safer by incorporating this easy to use self defense tool.

Pepper sprays are used wildly around the world by the security personnels because of the following reasons :

 1.Boost up the confidence level of the security personnels who don’t have any better equipment to perform their duty.

2. Increase in number of customers as they feel safer withe better equipped personnels.It has been observed that company showcasing that their personnels are equipped with such equipments gains an added advantage over their competitors.

3. Security guards can’t exercise Level 6 or even if they are allowed to they don’t do it in most of the cases due to various general restrains. Specifically in India it has become important for them to have a tool which helps them to perform their duty in an excellent manner level 4 & level 5.

4. Even the unarmed guards can carry it as there is no license required to carry it, or to use it for self defense.

 In India it is important where guards have multiple constrains over execution of their power.Hence, lets equip our security personnels with XBOOM and help them in fulfilling their noble duty of providing a safer place.


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