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Advanced Pepper spray

It is a high quality pepper spray, its advanced formula makes it an excellent helping tool at the time of distress. One can safely protect oneself using it, as a third line of defence. This  life saving tool is a perfect gift that ensures ones safety anytime , anywhere.

Ideal for working women, college girls, senior citizens, travellers/highway motorists and security personnels.
Extra Hot & Strong formula ( advanced) with sturdy built, makes it a perfect pepper spray for self-defence.


• 360 degree valve to spray from any angle.
• 20-25 shots from one canister, enough content to handle 10-15
attackers together.
• Special formula with 10% O.C ensures fast action.
• Long range of upto 7 ft allows you to avoid close encounters.
• Dimension : 110 X35 mm • Wt./vol : 35gm/50ml
• Spray type : fog

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