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Because of it strong effect, easy to use and low cost it has become one of the most popular self-defence tool among all especially women.

The world’s most common self defence tool is available for purchase online!

While we have subsequently expanded our product listing since the launch of the Advanced Pepper Spray as our flagship product back in 2015. We have continued to see that our pepper spray is a top seller on our online shop. We have since made the product available on Amazon India and have ensured that we keep our highly effective formula available at an affordable price.

Advance Pepper Spray

Extra Hot & Strong formula ( advanced) with sturdy built, makes it a perfect pepper spray for your self-defense. It can be easily used by any person irrespective of a person’s strength, size or age.

An effective tool to defend oneself against an attack, molestation, rape, abduction, chain snatching and robbery etc. Its an ideal personal safety tool for working women, college girls, businessmen, security guards, travellers etc.

The pepper spray works in a very straightforward fashion. The non-lethal chemical formula contained within the canister is an irritant that immediately causes a burning sensation when it comes in contact with skin. The sensitivity of regions such as the eyes, nose and mouth would present an increased discomfort when in contact with the chemical formula.

So really, the use of pepper spray is incredibly easy. You simply aim the nozzle in the direction of the attackers face, and spray. The formula is concentrated enough that a single spray of about 3-5 seconds aimed directly at an attacker’s face, is enough to incapacitate them for up to 10 minutes – leaving you clear to get help or remove yourself from the situation!

Most importantly, their use is 100% legal and permissible by law in India so make sure you exercise caution and protect yourself!

Warning: Ensure that nozzle is depressed in the direction of the wind, and not against it, to avoid backfire.