Personal GPS Tracker For Kids, Pets and luggages.

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Buy Personal GPS Tracker For Kids, Pets and luggages.


Our personal GPS trackers are built to be discreet and effective. From models that can track luggage over great distances, to those that can alert you if your pet has breached a particular physical boundary, we have a diverse range of trackers that serve a variety of purposes.

We also have cleverly designed trackers concealed in jewellery, ID cars, or watches that can be used to track the movements of the wearer. Ideal for use by children running busy schedules or single women travelling by themselves, the trackers provide real time location tracking on Google Maps. The systems also allow for dispatch of an SOS signal in the event of danger that sends an immediate signal to be sent to a preprogrammed phone number.

For more personalized use of Personal GPS tracker systems, check out our collections here for Women Safety, Child Safety, Elder Safety, Pet Safety, and Anti-Theft!