Stun Guns

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 Stun Guns For Self-Defence

Stun guns generate an electric current to disable an attacker. When properly discharged, the electric current can disable the attacker for up to 10 minutes, giving you precious time to escape or call for help.

We carry a variety of high quality stun guns available for online purchase and doorstep delivery! We carry models that range from the regular stun gun that is depicted in movies and TV shows, to complex models that expand from a baton into a stun gun cum flashlight.

As these prove to be some of the most effective weapons against a physical threat in women safety, we also have a cleverly designed model that houses both a powerful stun gun and a flashlight – easily concealed in your purse.  

Best of all, this is a 100% legal self-defence weapon in India so make sure you take steps to protect yourself!

Get the best quality stun guns and tasers for self-defense. Buy online and get it delivered at your doorstep.

These stun guns are non lethal and very effective. They Generate high electric shock to paralyse the attacker for 3-5 minutes.Stun guns are Must have security gadgets for any one looking to protect themselves against rising crime like rape, molestation, harassments, physical attacks, robbery, chain snatching, theft and abductions.

So just get yourself a stun gun and carry it anywhere you go. It helps to protect oneself and also family and friends at the time of need.