3-Wheeler Drifter

35,000.00 28,900.00

The 360° drifter comes with exciting new features like Bluetooth speakers and LED lights.


  • High Speed 3 wheel Drifter
  • high accuracy disc-breaks put safety in top priority
  • 5 8-inch anti-slip solid rubber front tire grips


The 3-Wheeler Drifter


The new  3 Wheel Drifter is powered by a high capacity Samsung lithium-ion battery for 4 times faster charging and up to 3 times the playtime than the traditional lead-acid battery. 


Max. Speed : 14 km/hour Max. Range: 12-14 km per charge Max. Load: 54 Kg
Climb Angle: 30º Maximum Motor: 2×300 watts fine copper motor Battery: BIS approved batteries 36V,4.4Ah
Motor: 2x300watts fine copper motor Charging Time: 120 Minutes Charging Voltage : AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz


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