Aluminium Base Ball Bat International Standards 32

2,699.00 2,399.00

  • Medium handle is easy on the bottom hand for hitters who hold bat close to the bottom
  • It’s nicely balanced and easy to swing with good control and bat speed
  • Made from premium Maple to provide better durability and power than traditional ash bats
  • Tapered knob, tapered handle, large barrel, end loaded feel
  • Alx50 Military grade aluminum construction for extended durability

Description :-

The baseball bat is crafted with a durable aluminum alloy which gives the ball hitter a light swing weight while maintaining a large sweet spot for performing optimally at any level of play. The body of baseball bat can wear-resistance with no-flake or peel , anti-rust with super hardness, and bright gloss compact design. It is easy to carry and ready at hand. Foam padded grip for a firm and anti-slip holding ergonomic design, comfortable to use.


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