Anti-Theft Alarm Lock


Strong built Anti-theft alarm lock to protect your home, bikes and luggage.

  • Multi-purpose lock .
  • Loud siren : 130 db.
  •  Auto disarm facility after 10 seconds.
  •  Beep sound to alert at first instance.
  • Dual Mode : Use as regular as well as alarm lock.
  • Strong built.
  •  Unique key.
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How to Use: To set the lock alarm simply remove the shackle, turn it round and push the shackle into the housing and turn the key. The unit will emit a short beep to indicate that the alarm is activated. If the padlock is disturbed, it will activate the continuous alarm for 10 seconds.

To Use As An Ordinary Padlock Simply Insert Shackle With The Groove Away From The Key Port. To use On Moving Vehicles, Use It As An Ordinary Padlock Until Stationary Replacement: To Replace The Batteries Remove The 2 Screws In The Shackle Hole Remove Cover And Replace The Batteries (6 X A76/Lr44 1.5v). Be Sure To Pay Attention To Polarity And That Cover Goes On Same Way It Came Off. Batteries Should Last 2 Years Under Normal Operating Situations.

Number of Keys : 3 Keys

Batteries Included : 6 X A76/Lr44 1.5v

Additional information

Weight 135 g
Dimensions 3 x 1.5 x 4 cm