BASU eAlarm Personal Safety Made in USA

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We are born with a penchant for exploring the world around us. The Basu sound alarm is the perfect tool to help with your exploring. An ultra-compact alarm designed to be small and easily concealed. Once the alarm is triggered, a loud 120-decibel alarm sounds alerting you of potential thieves who attempt to take your belongings. 



Basu is a well designed, ergonomic alarm designed to be well hidden and concealed from plain sight. Its small size is a strategic method to conceal its prowess. With a powerful siren almost as loud as an Ambulance. The Basu is capable enough to sound continuously for 30 minutes until the pin is inserted back into the body. The Basu also includes a Metal carabiner making it easy to attach 


Panic alarms help to protect oneself from threats and crimes by raising a loud siren to call out for help and scare the attacker.

The Basu has a 120 db Alarm

Much like a grenade, it has a pin which once removed activates the alarm 

It is TSA approved and can be carried in flight 

It has a long-lasting alarm, it can ring continuously for 30 minutes until the pin is reinserted 

It has a battery life of up to 5 years

It supports multiple usages, just reinsert the pin and the Basu is ready to be used again. 

Additional information

Weight49.9 g
Dimensions7.1 × 3.1 × 1.3 cm

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  1. shreyas dixit

    Recently I have purchased it because I travel regularly on public transport. I put this BASU eAlarm to my bag chain if someone tries to open it then it will mack loud sound.

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