BASU eAlarm+ Made in USA

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  • Carry on your bag or keychain
  • Fits in your pocket or wallet
  • TSA approved for International Travel.
  • Use as tripwire alert when camping
  • Use as door alert in hotel
  • eAlarm+ 120dB Emergency Alarm
  • Free Batteries Included: Replaceable Long-Lasting Lithium Metal CR1632, 5+ Yrs Shelf-Life



The eAlarm is the world’s smallest portable emergency alarm. It is the size of a USB drive and the weight of a pack of gum. Backed by the world-famous BASU Guarantee of a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


How does it work?

Pull the black pin to activate the alarm. Re-insert the pin to deactivate the alarm. COMMON USES: Personal Alarm, Criminal Deterrent, Acoustic Animal Repellent, Rescue Signal, Intruder Alert, Tripwire Alarm, Portable Alarm, Survival Kit

What is the battery used?
Two CR1632 coin cell batteries.

How long does the battery last?
30 minutes of total alarm use or up to 5 years, whichever comes first.

Does the device just stop working after 5 years if I haven’t used it?
Not at all. The batteries used in the eAlarm have an amazing shelf life. Since the eAlarm is an on-off device, when the device is in the “off” state, there is absolutely negligible loss on the batteries. The battery should store for 5-6 years before ~5℅ of the stored voltage is lost.

How many uses is the battery good for?
Unlimited uses. You can reuse your eAlarm over and over until you reach 30 minutes of total alarm use. The sound and cadence of the siren will begin to weaken gradually after you surpass the 30-minute mark.

Why is the battery sealed?
Unlike other consumer electronics, this is a safe commercial-grade product. Your safety is important to us and the device must function when you need it most. The battery is sealed to make the device water-resistant and childproof. A sealed battery also prevents an assailant from silencing the device.

Do you have a replacement program?
YES! We will replace your device 100% for free if used in an emergency. ​

How do I change the battery?
To change batteries: pull the half-circle ring (pin) from the alarm and open by sliding a coin or other object inside the slit, and then twist. Insert new batteries. Snap devise back together.


Additional information

Weight 1.6 g
Dimensions 3.4 × 1.2 × 0.5 cm

Navy Blue, Pink, Ranger Green, swat black


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