Expandable – Baton

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Batons are used world wide for self defence that delivers strong striking power to keep the criminals aside.

These retractable batons are great for police enforcement, security guards, and effective for personal self-defence giving you that extra reach and advantage! Baton is also a psychological advantage against anti-social elements which makes it a must have self defence tool.

  • Expandable baton : 24cm telescopic solid iron in compressed mode
  • Long enough : Expandable upto 26 inches
  • Firm Grip : Foam padded grip for a firm and anti-slip holding
  • Use cases : Great protection against aggressors, rapists and vicious dogs
  • Strong Built : Made of extra hard titanium & steel hardened materials with exquisite workmanship
  • Easy to use :  just a flick of your wrist. Comes with a carrying box and a pouch.
  • Good Quality : No-flake or peel and anti-rust
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  • New age – this economic 24cm telescopic solid iron expandable baton has a solid iron handle for easy gripping and comes with a free heavy-duty double stitched nylon holster for easy carrying.

  • Powerful telescopic baton Great for both offensive and defence techniques you would need to employ in a self defence situation.

  • Quality and durability you can count on.

How to use?

To extend : On flick of the baton , it will expand, and it does not collapse once extended, and forms a rigid iron rod. The tip delivers agonising pain when hit with force,

To close to its contracted position :  Tap the top antennae of the extended rod, in a perpendicular position on foot and  it will start collapsing into one another.