Kitty – Knuckle


Kitty Self Defence Knuckle with knuckle will make you more effective in your self defence. The kitty’s two sharp ears can be really painful when hit with force to attacker. The eye hole are made to have a firm grip by inserting two of your fingers. 

  •  A perfect disguise self defence tool 
  • Easy force multiplier to make your strikes count.
  •  Firm grip and sharp ends makes it a perfect self defence tool..
  • Made up of an ultra-tough plastic which makes it a legal knuckle


 Kitty Knuckle Explanation


  •  Compact, tough, easy to use.

  • Features a detailed snarling kitty cat design.

  •  Eye-holes for fingers are about a 13 ring size.

  • This model is especially compact allowing you to use your fist or an open hand as you choose without losing it.

  • Very convenient, easily fits into pocket or purse.

  • Warning : The product is to legal be used only for self defence purpose. 

Additional information

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 7 x 0.3 x 9 cm