Advanced Pepper Spray


Extra Hot & Strong formula with sturdy built, makes it a perfect pepper spray for your self-defense. 

  • Advanced formula : 10% O.C content with high flow propellant
  • EFFECTS : O.C causes the eyes to slam shut, uncontrollable coughing and choking.
  • Helps to maintain a safe distance : Effective upto 7 ft. of range
  • Easy to carry : Compact size to fit in your handbag/purse
  • Get Enough Time For Help : Effective for 30-45 mins
  • Safety : Flip- flop safety lock to avoid any accidental discharge/ child misuse.

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Advanced Pepper spray an ideal personal safety tool for working women, college girls, businessmen, security guards, travelers etc.

It can be easily used by any person irrespective of person’s strength, size or age. An effective tool to defend oneself against an attack, molestation, rape, abduction, chain snatching and robbery etc.

Pepper spray is legal to carry in India  Under IPC section but only for self-defense purpose.

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  • Pepper spray’s effects : One canister of Xboom pepper spray has power to incapacitate at least 10 attackers, even if they are under alcohol or drugs influence. OC Pepper causes eyes to slam shut, coughing, and an intense burning sensation to the skin with extreme discomfort of vision and the respiratory system.Effects should lessen in approximately 45 minutes which gives you ample of time to run away from the scene and get help.

  • Usage instruction : Xboom pepper spray is user friendly.Special actuator to deploy Pepper Spray  using thumb or forefinger. Depress trigger in short 2 to 3 second bursts aiming the attacker’s face.

  • Maintain Safe distance: Spray range of 7 ft. helps you to maintain a safe distance with the attacker. You can protect yourself from any threat without making any physical contact.

  • Warning :

    • To be used only for self defence purpose.

    • Keep away from children.


Q. Who can use Advanced Pepper Spray For Self Defence ?

Ans.  Advanced Pepper Spray can be used by any one looking for personal safety.Its more commonly used by Working Women, Housewives, College Girls, Senior Citizens, Travelers/Highway motorists, Businessmen/Shopkeepers, Law Enforcement agencies etc.

 Q. Is it Legal to use/possess pepper sprays in India? 

Ans. Yes, it is legal to use in India for Self Defense. No other purpose is allowed. Remember, it is not a Toy. Keep away from Children, Read instructions on the bottle.

Q. How effective is Pepper Spray & what are the effects?

Ans. When sprayed with Pepper Spray, the immediate effect is of severe burning sensation in the eyes (thus shutting them), apart from this the liquid also penetrates the skin pores & creates a burning sensation from within, also the spray causes very heavy irritation in the mucus membrane inside the nasal cavity, the overall effect of these factors renders the person completely helpless and in very high degree of pain and burning for 30-45 minutes , during which the “Probable Victim” can flee and get the help of Police etc.

Q.  Does this pepper spray has any permanent effects?

Ans. Pepper Spray has no known permanent effects, the initial 30-45 mins will be of high discomfort & pain.The effect can be nullified by using baby shampoo at the affected area.

Q. Is Pepper spray possession/use an “ARM” under the ‘Arms Act’? 

Ans. Yes, Pepper Spray is an “ARM” under the “ARMS act”, anything made or designed for the specific purpose of Defense or Offense & machinery used to manufacture the same, fall under the category of “ARMS” by this definition even a wooden pole made for the reason of attacking or defending is an “ARM”, however if the same is used for agriculture purpose it is not labeled as an “ARM”. Hence Pepper Spray used for self defense (sec 96-106) is not prohibited by law.

Q. Is a license required to carry this pepper spray?

Ans. Under the “ARMS Act”, license is required only for “Fire Arms” (containing gun powder & explosive ingredients), hence no licence is required for Pepper Spray.


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