PSA v. 2.0 – Personal Safety Alarm

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PSA v. 2.0 is a small hand-held UFO shaped electronic device with the functionality to emit a loud siren-like alarming sound.

This personal safety alarm is used to attract attention in order to scare off an assailant. The sound emitted can also have the effect of distracting, disorienting, or surprising the assailant.

  • Loudness : 120 db
  • Activation Type : Grenade type (Pull out the pin)
  • Can also be used as luggage Anti-Theft device.

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Some of the advantages of holding a personal safety alarm with you always:

  • Built – Small size, Lightweight in ABS Plastic Material
  • Type – Non-monitored
  • Suitable for – Women, Old Age Person & Children
  • Battery Type – 2 X  button cells (FREE with the pack)
  • Battery Life –  1 Year
  • Warning –  The alarm sound is too high to keep near your ear. Please change the battery when sound is low.
  • Usage instruction – Easy “Pull-Pin Activation” to be used in Panic Situation/ Place the pin inside to de-activate the alarm.

Additional information

Weight20 g
Dimensions5 × 4.5 × 0.5 cm