UV Disinfection Chamber – 33L (CoronaOven)


  • CoronaOven is a lightweight, portable disinfection chamber (of 33 litres volume) specifically designed to kill various types of Coronoviruses, including the Novel Coronavirus.
  • It is a proprietary, patent-pending device conceptualized and designed by Log 9, based upon the existing scientific principle of UltraViolet germicidal irradiation
  • What makes the product stand out is its ability to kill virus / pathogens within 10 minutes approximately and from all types of surfaces, after the object is placed inside the chamber for undergoing disinfection.
  • Grocery items, food items (including fruits and vegetables), water bottles, utensils, and various other home appliances and accessories having solid surfaces of plastic, metal, leather, fabric can be disinfected using the CoronaOven product. 

What is CoronaOven?

A PortcoronaOvenable UV Disinfection Chamber

CoronaOven is a patent protected, 33 Litre UVC Chamber that effectively disinfects all types of surfaces which might be contaminated from any COVID-19 virus, bacteria & other germs / pathogens.

• Top Open Design

• UV Light Indicator

• Safety Switch

• 10-Minute Disinfection

• Zero Chemical


What makes it unique in its design?


Uniquely designed for delivering UV light for 100% surface coverage
CoronaOven’s patent pending proprietary design has been specifically engineered, by taking into consideration, the cell structure & other characteristics of the “Corona Family of Viruses”. It provides accurate and necessary energy on each point on the surface of an object to be decontaminated.

• 3600 Exposure

• Multi focal UV Light

• 100% Surface Coverage


What are the safety features of CoronaOven?




CoronaOven is designed with Safety first features

It is made up of UV-C safe materials which not only ensure safe operations of the equipment but also ensures UV-C blockage to ensure that outside personnel do not get affected with the UV-C light. For example, the UVC doesn’t start till the chamber is closed which is made sure using the right switches. Also the internal surface of the chamber is completely reflective and the main body is made-up of UV blocking material to make sure safety for operator

Can it be used for decontaminating PPE such as N95 Mask, eye Goggles, face shields?

Yes, CoronaOven can be used for masks, eye shields and other PPE that can be put inside the CoronaOven.
Published data on 15 different N95 masks treated with UV-C confirmed that UV-C light could effectively decontaminate virus infection on N95 masks. A team of scientists from the US evaluated impact of UV-C On decontaminating 15 different models of N95 models contaminated with H1N1 influenza. Their results [2] showed significant reductions (≥3 log) in influenza viability from the tested N95 masks after treatment with UV-C light clearly establishing the ground work that N95 masks can be disinfected with UV-C light irradiation.

What are the use cases for CoronaOven usage in a healthcare setting?

Healthcare workers and support staff are working in close proximity with COVID-19 infected patients and Corona virus infected surface. CoronaOven would play a pivotal role in reducing surface to human infection in such settings by decontaminating and sterilizing PPE for reuse by healthcare teams. Since most PPE such as masks, eye wear are in severe shortage, CoronaOven could provide a viable option for quick sterilization and reuse of such PPE and lower the pressure on PPE inventory. CoronaOven can also be used for flash sterilization of medical equipment and parts which are reusable inventory such as intubation tube etc to prevent surface to human transmission.


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