Disinfectant Fog Machine

12,000.00 3,500.00

  • Application : Car,Home,Office ,Hotel ,Market etc
  • Safe and Efficient
  • When you used it in your car, it is not only act as disinfectant, but also act as deodorant by removing bad odor and giving fresh air.
  • It kills most fungi, germs, virus, dust mites and get rid of bad odors effectively
  • Reaches into every noon, crevice and corner that disinfecting sprays and wipes can’t.
  • Protect family from disease

Disinfectant Spray Fume Machine Operating step

  • Place the atomizing disinfection machine in the car. It is best to turn on the air conditioning (cold air) and medium air circulation at the same time when disinfecting
  • After turning on the power, press the switch button to the ll position to warm up for 5 minutes.
  • The following switch is turned on (towards 11 vertical side), wait for the indicator light on the top of the handle to light up.
  • Put in sterilized water, adjust the time and close the window tightly (export the plug from the gap of the door and do not press the line.
  • After spraying, turn off the power after about 5 minutes, quickly take out the machine, and close the door for 10 minutes to complete the construction.
  • After the disinfection water is sprayed out of the machine, clean it with clean water (switch to: 1 vertical side)
  • Finally, press the middle O reset switch to return to home position.

Disinfectant Spray Fume Machine Features

1. Oil tank volume is 100ml.
2. The smoke machine can reach about 60 square meters.
3. Timed Quantification.Intelligent control of liquid usage and time by knob.
4. It have power protection switch when out of smoke oil, it can help to protect machine’s using life.
5. This is 900W thermostatic smoke stage Fog Machine or Disinfection and Sterilization Fogging Machine. It can be used with stage smoke oil or with disinfectant.

Disinfectant Spray Fume Machine Technical Parameters

Voltage : AC110-240v, 50-60Hz

Power : 900W

Smoke output : 18000cu.ft/min

Spray Distance : 3-5m

Preheating time : 5mins

Fuel consumption : 150min/L

Capacity : 100ml

Usage : Disinfection, Purification of air, decomposition of odor

Application : Car, Home, office etc

N.W : 2.6kg(single)

Degree of protection: IP25

Packing size(1 pc) : 35*22*37cm

G.W : 3K.G(1pc)

Packing size : 49*38*79cm

G.W : 13.5Kg(4pcs)

Application : Suitable for disinfection of formaldehyde and purification of air in automobiles and indoor households.

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Additional information

Dimensions37 × 37 × 24 cm


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