Elvy Anti-Knife-IIIA, XL Bulletproof IV Level Tactical Vest

69,536.00 69,236.00

Estimated delivery by: 03/07/2019

  • Usage: Utility and amp, Safety Item Type: Tops Feature: Windproof Model Number: IV Gender: Unisex, Material: Microfiber
  • Performance: Bullet proof Material: Kevlar Weight: 3.1 Usage: Utility andamp, Safety Gender: Unisex Fabric Type: Canvas feature: Bulletproof Body armor: Protective clothing
  • Item Category type: Security
  • Package included: 1x anti-knife-IIIA, XL: CCGK Bulletproof vest IV Level Tactical vest High Meng steel Protect life safety Body armor Real Military Protective combat


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