FRONTIER GRIT Yellow Face Mask

120.00 99.00

  • Filters PM2.5 Particles
  • With activated carbon
  • Washable/Reusable
  • Comfort for long time usage
  • Protects from Dust, Bad Odour, VOCs & other Atmospheric Pollutants
  • Nose clip for a better fit
  • Earloop Fixing: Staple by metal
  • Non-Medical Use Only

Frontier Mask Description

The strap fits with the face as a head type. Material used is polyester breathable material. Clip lock is durable aluminum, not rust.  Germ protection, waterproof spray, comfortable breathing, not damp. Whether you need it for safety reasons or to filter out dust, germs, smoke & pollen, masks are the perfect solution. By wearing Face masks helps in preventing cross-contamination.


Frontier Mask Features

  • Frontier, yellow color, protection from PM 2.5
  • Prevent the spread of the virus, splashes of Secretory fluid
  • Effective in filtering bacteria
  • Because it’s of durability and density can be used for a long time, it’s foldable, has a adjustable strap, long and can be put many times
  • 3-layer filter system, can filter PM 2.5


What is PM 2.5 ?

The ‘2.5’ in PM 2.5 refers to the size of the pollutant in micrometres. Particulate pollutants vary in size and the smaller they are, the more damage they cause to your health. Particulates that have a diameter of 10 micrometres or less are called PM10. Dust particles are the main source of PM10. Particulates that have a diameter of 2.5 micrometres or less are called PM2.5. These particles are so small that they can only be viewed under a microscope. Their small size makes them deadlier than PM10. So use PM 2.5 Mask to prevent yourself from these type mainute particles.



THIS MASK IS NOT A RESPIRATOR.  General purpose of this product to control infection practices. When we wore it properly, thereby it will reduces potential contact by the wearer to blood and bodily fluids, However it DOES NOT eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change mask immediately if splashed with blood or bodily fluid.

Keep dry. Non sterile.

Frontier Mask which will helps us in protecting against corona by stopping cross contamination. Click here to check various other Coronavirus Protection products from xboom.




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