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IGT Gas Safety Device-M02
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IGT Gas Safety Device-M02

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Gas Safety Devices helps you in protecting your household by stopping or preventing the gas leaks and accidents caused. These devices are produced using modern and sophisticated technologies that make them perfect.

  • Reduces the LPG consumption rate.
  • If Gas Pipe is cut or damaged, then it stops mechanically
  • Warranty:- 5 Years Warranty Period. IGT will replace the entire damaged regulator free of cost.
  • It has Major Leak Auto Shut Off Facility.
  • Warranty Card and Insurance Card is inside in the Box.
  • Lock System
  • Twin Gas Sealed Technology



Additional information

Weight 31 g
Dimensions 6.7 x 3.8 x 1.15 cm

Product Details

IGT Safety Device is a must for all household kitchens. We are entrusted with the authorization of top class IGT Gas safety device products to be sold in the Indian Market. Our sole aim is to provide safety to people worldwide and with this objective we are here to provide our safety devices to Indians to make their life secured with our IGT Gas Safety regulator device.

IGT safety device

The Gas safety device is that instrument which saves from any unforeseen accident which may arise due to leakage or any other kind of damage. Earlier there was no device which could detect the quantity and leakage in the gas cylinder. Eventually, many accidents took place taking heavy toll of people’s life. This gas safety device will take care of user’s safety needs. Integrated Gas Technology safety device is a Denmark company. It meets all the standard of CE. The rubber of diaphragm which is used in the safety devices is made from the EN 549 rubber which is imported from Europe to provide complete safety to the users. The IGT gas safety device has inbuilt auto lock system which shuts down supply of gas automatically.

Benefits of the device

As it is regulator based equipment, there is no need of affixing regulator to the cylinder. Its auto shut quality will stop the gas flow whenever it finds any leakage in the gas pipe. The meter gauge attached at the regulator tells about the quantity and leakage (if any) of the gas in the container.

How to check the quantity of gas

In order to check the quantity of gas, fix IGT gas safety device onto the cylinder, its rubber valve will tightly get attached to the opening and the needle in the gauge will start moving stating the level of the gas present in it. The point at which the needle stops will tell the amount of gas present.

How to detect leakage

Once the regulator is fixed and the needle stands still. Watch it for 5 minutes. If the needle starts moving without getting attached with the stove, will indicate that there is some leakage in the pipe. Remove the regulator and change the cylinder to prevent any mishap.


All IGT gas safety products are available with 5 years warranty period. During these 5 years, IGT will replace the entire damaged regulator that too free of cost.

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