Nano Spray Machine

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  • Limit the risk of allergies and virus by using water base sanitisers in the tank.
  • Hydrates the skin.
  • Can be charge directly to the mobile phone.
  • It is equipped with high-tech chip control, producing a finer mist that quickly enters the skin pores, reducing wrinkles, relieving skin irritation, and also promoting skin metabolism and improving skin pigmentation.

Nano Spray Water Meter Description

On spray is more delicate. It can add moisture mildly and the moisture can penetrate deep into your skin.

Skin moisture test: it can quickly test skin condition

It has emergency power bank function

Please use natural mineral water, do not add pure water, distilled water, etc.

If the water quality density is too high or too low, it will cause the sprayer to clump or clog.

Nano Spray Water Meter Specification :

Name: the three generation charging treasure water supplement instrument

Water tank capacity: 30ml

Net weight: 120g

Atomization volume: 1.2-1.8ML, min

Conditions of use: charging and adding liquid

Suitable for people: both sexes are acceptable.

Product function: facial replenishment + water measuring oil + charging treasure


1. motherboard program is source code, performance is more stable.

2. the spray film has the function of dry burning protection, and automatically closes when the water is detected.

3. increase the charge switch, protect the motherboard will not discharge naturally, and will last longer.

4. Increased water and oil testing function, LCD display results directly, without connecting to the mobile phone APP, easy to operate.


Package Included:

1* water supplement

1* charging line


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