Personal GPS Tracking Device with SOS

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This device is a personal safety product which combines SOS alarm and tracking functions.Designed for everyday life’s surprising situations, the GPS tracker makes use of the latest tracking technology.


Unmatched Battery Life

The trackers can go up two weeks without the need of recharging.


1-month Free Subscription

No subscription or data charges for the first 1-month of usage


Easy Setup

Take only a few minutes to connect the device with your phone and tablet


SOS button for safety

 Pressing the SOS button sends real time emergency alerts to the users friends and family during a crisis. This gives an added safety to users at  all times.


Use GPS Device as a keychain

 The GPS tracker has a sleek built and handy attaching mechanism, making it is easy to attach anywhere or double up as a keychain.

Advanced GPS tracking

 The GPS device combines 3 tracking functions – 3G, GPS and WiFi . 3G for wide location info, GPS for accurate tracking outdoors and Wi-Fi finds targets indoor.


Enjoy the freedom

 With the power of location tracking and SOS button, never worry about travelling alone or exploring the world out there.


Track kids and family members

 Rest assured that your family members are safe. Elderly parents and children with special needs will not be scared venture out into the city.



Power・Li-ion Battery


Weight  48g
Dimensions・Width:       41mm

・thickness: 16mm

・length:       74mm

                  (+keyring ~10mm)

Tracking TechnologyGPS,GSM,WiFi,3G
Warranty1 year International Replacement Warranty
Operating Conditions-20℃ to 80℃
AdvancedShock Proof, Dust Proof, and Water Spill/Splash Proof
Motion SensorAccelerometer, 3-Axis, 10/8-Bit, 12C, QFN-16
AppAndroid and IOS
Box Includes・Personal GPS Tracking Device with SOS

・USB Charging Wire

・User Manual

・QR Code for pairing


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