Professional Breath Analyser

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Alcohol Breath Tester is commonly used at home, bar, laboratory, Police, Military, Airport or while you are on the road. Device provided with extra mouthpieces for convenience. Specifications: Sensor: Advanced flat surfaced semiconductor alcohol l sensor Warm-up time: Within 10 seconds Respond time: Within 5 seconds Operating temperature range: 5~40 Detection range: 0.000-0.199% BAC / 0.00-1.99 BAC / 0.00-0.99 mg/L Digital display results (% BAC / BAC / mg/L) Power input: 3V (3 x ” ” alkaline battery, not included)


  • MP-3 high precision sensor
    Unit N.W/Size: 75g/125×68×24mm
  • 5 test units(%,‰,g/L,mg/L,100mg/100ml) Inner Pakcing: Color obx / EVA bag
  • 10 test records for checking Qty per Carton: 40pcs
  • Use professional Mouthpiece Carton Meas: 51×31×25cm
  • 3 test step with LED indication


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