Professional Spy Camera Glasses



  • HD 1080P / 720P | 72° Angle
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • 100% Discreet
  • Built in Memory Storage
  • Time/Date Stamp
  • Fashionable and Attractive
  • Integrated Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Plug & Play Simplicity
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Loop video recorder Hidden camera eyeglasses support loop video recording. When micro SD card gets full, newest file will overwrite the old file clips and continue recording all the time as long as it has power. Each individual file clip last for 10 minutes.

Collect beautiful moments :- Wear it to record your favorite on site sports, some exciting performance, happy moments on a gathering, wedding and so on. So you can repeat these joys on your computer again and again.

Protect you well:- Wear it to record the important conversations or videos, used for evidence, with time stamping on it, files you record can be used as strong evidences.


Expandable memory up to 32gb with 4gb in built memory User friendly button operation
280mAh Li-polymer battery with duration up to 1-2hours
AVI video format Resolution: 1280×720, 30fps.
720P HD camera eyewear
World’ s first HD quality video camera eye- with encrypt on 11111d disk function
Btiltlant and rich natural colors, high quality video images.
5mega pixels pinhole CMOS camera For clear digital video recording.
Real time 18Ql(ding, never let memorable moments sneak away from life.
A perfect embrace of Fashion concepts and factors, limited Editions available for picky trend. Spotter.
A must for trend -spotter, journal, traffic police, travelers. Hikers, moot dlmbers.students,like-lovers and etc


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