Self Defence Kit 4


The Self Defence Kit 4 is an all-round safety must-have. It comes including the compact & powerful Ewave V1.0 Stun Gun, Advanced Pepperspray, Basu eAlarm, 26-inch Expandable Baton and Kitty Knuckle.

E-Wave V1.0:

E wave is a pocket-sized stun gun and flashlight with a charge of 5 million volts per stun. Ideal for self-defence it is designed to be small and easily concealable until required. It comes with a powerful flashlight to help navigate risky routes at night.

Basu eAlarm:

he Basu sound alarm is the perfect tool to help with your exploring. An ultra-compact alarm designed to be small and easily concealed. Once the alarm is triggered, a loud 120-decibel alarm sounds alerting those around you.

Expandable Baton:

Expandable – Baton is a cylindrical rod made of strong steel. These batons are very easy to use and can be used for multiple purposes. It is carried as a compliance tool and defensive weapon by law-enforcement officers, correctional staff, security guards and military personnel.

Advanced Pepperspray:

Our Advanced Pepper Spray is the ideal tool for any individual looking to protect themselves or willing to ensure their loved ones stay out of harm’s way. Made for use by everybody from working women and college girls, to senior citizens and even security personnel.

Kitty Knuckle:

Kitty-Knuckles are designed to make you more effective in defending yourself. The kitty’s two sharp ears work as sharp and painful pressure points when used on an attacker. The eye holes are designed ergonomically to act as grips for two fingers to ensure a sturdy hold when attacking possible threats.


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