• One-button sterilizing
  • 360-degree is infection
  • 99.99% sterilization, non-toxic.
  • Lamp Type – UVC LED
  • Warranty: 2 Years

UV-Storage is a Metal Cabinets are designed for rigidity and durability as they are manufactured from high quality steel with automatic UVC Disinfection system.
UV-STORAGE ideally suited for Office Storage of various types of files and stationery. These Storage Cabinets are also suitable for storage of light industrial/engineering parts and tools and can be used on shop floors as well as offices. incorporates unique patented design features that reduces work shadowing by achieving 99.99% bacterial kill in a minute.

UV-STORAGE Swing Door Metal Cabinets undergo automatic powder coating with epoxy polyester powder of 40-50 micron thickness and are also phosphatized against rust to provide a finish to the Metal Cabinet that is suitable to the interior design and decor of Contemporary or Modern commercial and home offices.

UV-STORAGE is a UV Sterilizer with a radiation chamber which emits Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for disinfecting and preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses on the surfaceof theobjects and tools.
 UVGI are emitted from UV LED Light with ozone formation and has a long service life (average of 40000 hours). It uses narrow band UVC light which is highly efficient in targeting theDNA-disruption of pathogens and killing them. The UV-STORAGE is equipped with an alarm and a handle to open the door of the radiation chamber. This device can be widely used at Homes, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Chemical Factory, Food Industry, Catering Services etc.
 It is also suitable for portable salon tools and other metal tools and instruments.


 With AutomaticDoorSensor

 LampType – UVCLED

 Uniform distribution of UVC light is achieved at intensity 5mW/cm2 to 25mW/cm2.

 The best wavelength level to disinfect, destroythe DNAstructure ofbacteria.

 UVCLED Driver Inbuilt

 Wavelength:250nm to 280nm

 UVC LED life 40000 hours continuous operation

 Power ON IndicatorIlluminatedSwitch

 OperationModesIndicatedby LED


 Operating Voltage: 230 / 110VAC 50/60Hz

 Warranty: 2 Years


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