Wireless GSM Multi PIR Home Siren with Fire Safety


The ThinkX PIR Siren Multi Wireless is designed, tailor-made safety device for the total protection of unauthorized entry into your offices, warehouse etc. by breaking open the door, even by few inches. It immediately notifies the user by sending a direct alert to 5 registered mobile numbers via Call and SMS. Add up to 4 Wireless Sensors (Door Sensor, Shutter Sensor) to this device [Includes 1 Wireless Door Sensor].

Estimated delivery by: 26/08/2019


  • Add upto 4 wireless sensors with this device
  • Register upto 5 Mobile Numbers
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Android App available
  • Arm & Disarm via Call, SMS & Bluetooth
  • Auto Arm & Disarm feature available
  • Entire System On Rechargeable Battery
  • De-activate system from anywhere in the world
  • Password Protected Device
  • Battery Backup up to 25 Days
  • No Lock and Key, No Duplication Tampering with System
  • 4m Long USB Charging Cable, Connect To Mobile Charger
  • Audible Alarm: 85-100dB
  • Suitable For Offices & Homes

User Manual

Additional information

Weight400 g
Dimensions10 × 5 × 6 cm


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