Hybrid-5 Wireless anti theft alarm system for Home security

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The HYBRID 5, an all-new wireless alarm system is equipped with the ultramodern microprocessor technology. With remote access facility, it helps you guard yourself, family, business or premises against risks of all kinds, whether you are at home, business place or away.The cellular communicator allows the system to transmit a signal to stored contacts in case of any intrusion or fire. By sending timely alerts, it ensures you keep the system charged at all times. Using your phone, you can even arm or disarm it. The siren goes off on sensing a threat. All this, to provide you an assurance that your home or business place is secured, wherever you are.The Hybrid-5 also can be operated using an android application. It makes the device very user friendly since now the user does not have to type any SMS. Also all important notifications like low battery, auto activate, etc.


  • Compatible to 32 wired & 32 wireless sensors
  • Cellular communication enabled
  • Password protected
  • Register up to 5 mobile numbers
  • Arm and disarm by call, SMS, timer or mobile application
  • Auto Arm & Disarm Feature Available
  • Resistant to any unknown number
  • Supports 4 wired zones
  • Supports 4 wireless zones
  • Supports 4 wireless 24×7 zones
  • Supports 200 wireless sensors
  • Supports 20 wireless panic remotes with four buttons each
  • RTC enabled
  • Low battery indication
  • Zero maintenance
  • 12 hours battery backup
  • Hard acoustic, ear-piercing hooter with high 100 decibels for long-range threat indication
  • Supports different sensors like PIR motion sensor, panic sensor, door magnetic sensor, smoke sensor, fire sensor, glass break sensor and a lot more
  • Inbuilt wireless RF technology
  • Long RF range of 50 meters (LOS)
  • Easy installation and operation


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