Xcalibur Stun Gun Baton


This 4-in-1 Stun Gun Baton produces a powerful output of 8 Million Volts and comes equipped with a bright LED Flashlight & Safety alarm. It is best suited for security personnel or for personal protection. Keep any unwanted threats away be it an aggressor or a stay animal. With the Xcalibur by your side you are invincible.

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Xcalibur Stun Gun Baton

4-in-1 Self-Defence Gadget

Xcalibur Stun Gun Baton

The Xcalibur Stun Gun Baton comes equipped with 4 self-defence tools to ensure your safety no matter where you are. It comes with a 21-inch telescopic baton with a whoppin 8 Million Volt Stun Gun that generates a bright blue electic charge. It comes with an in-built rechargable battery, 130dB safety alarm and a super bright LED Flashlight. 

The device comes with a safety lock that activates the stun gun to ensure no accidental discharge occurs. It can be activated whie still in the holdster and is expandble on the push of a button.


  • Source voltage: 7.2 V
  • Current consumption:<1.9A(for electric shock)
                                          <0.8A (for illumination)
  • Power Input: ≥1000kv
  • Power Output: 8 Million Volts
  • Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
  • Weight:750g
  • Size: (L)324mm*(W)70mm*(H)52mm
  • Telescopic:33-55cm
  • Safety Alarm: 130 dB
  • Flashlight: Super Brignt LED Flashlight
  • Environmental temperature: -5°F~113°F


Warning: This product is to be used for self-defence and/or other legally permissible purposes only. The responsibility to ensure that the product is used in a legal manner lies with the user.

Keep away from children.



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Additional information

Weight750 g
Dimensions33 × 7 cm


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