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Safety devices for the specially abled

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A disability implies that a person’s physical or mental condition affects their life in a major way. While the disability restricts them in certain aspects of their life, the specially abled should still have the right to care, service, protection, and most importantly equal opportunities.

In most cases in India, people with disabilities, are restricted to their houses by their families or caregivers due to the fear for their safety. They prefer to lock them up in their houses, then letting them go out on their own, due to the unpredictable nature of the person and their assisting devices. Most public spaces in India are still not accessible to the specially abled, although the reforms and awareness have been increasing in the past decade. As more and more job opportunities is being provided to specially abled people, they are coming out of their homes for jobs in large number. In order to protect oneself from rising crime rate it becomes essential to some extra precautionary measures to overcome threats.


It is hard for caregivers to be free of any fear or any inhibitions as it is not possible to keep the specially abled person under constant supervision. It is hence helpful to invest in devices such as GPS trackers and safety alarms, to ensure safety and peace of mind. GPS trackers can be one of the most useful equipment for the safety of the specially abled. It helps in keeping track of the person’s whereabouts. But the trackers nowadays do more than just location sharing, they have many added features that can improve safety.

Safety devices for the specially abled

Personal GPS Tracker with SOS

The Qbit micro GPS tracker, for example, includes an SOS emergency button, which can be used in the case of crisis. A calling system allows you to call and talk to the person, and the call automatically connects after 3 rings allowing Audio surveillance.

Violence against the disabled is shown to be more prominent as opposed to the abled, hence an emergency contact button can help in reducing the risk.  The drop alert feature makes it possible to know any sudden drops, so falling or crashes can be detected and helped, as many physically disabled people are more prone to physical injuries.

Asset Tracker

Wheelchairs are a technological boon for the physically disabled. But like many other modes of transport, it has its dangers. Vehicles trackers are also an efficient tracking mechanism. The AT4 wireless asset tracker is wireless with a long-lasting battery making it efficient for both normal and electronic wheelchairs. Its powerful magnet allows it to be connected to the wheelchair efficiently. This is ideal for people who cannot physically use devices to contact their family or caregivers.

Panic alarms

BASU e-alarm personal safety is a loud alarm which acts a distress signal for immediate help. In the case of physical distress, wheelchair troubles or danger during acts of violence, the loud 120 DB alarm (which is the same as an ambulance) can be used to alert the nearest help.

Crimes and accidents are prone to happen, but the specially abled are at a higher risk of being victims of violence or physical distress. But fear should not hold them back from living their life to the fullest. The specially abled can now get the same opportunities in life with proper care and safety measures.

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