Protect & Monitor All What You Love

Self Defence and IOT Gadgets that gives you an edge and protect from a crime.

Women Safety

Self-Defence Gadgets


Secure Women


2016 Reported Approx. 3.4 Lakh Cases Of Crimes Agaisnt Women, With A Conviction Rate Of Just 25%.  Dont Let Yourself Be A Victim, Take Your Safety Into Your Own Hands

Children Safety

GPS Watch and ID Trackers


Secure Children


1,29,032 Cases Were Reported In 2017 For Crimes Agaist Children Under IPC & SLL. Ensure The Safety Of your Kids With The Help Of  Innovative Devices From Xboom

Elders Safety

SOS and Panic Alarms


Protect Elders


Choose From Xbooms Range Panic Alarms, SOS Devices and Personal Safety Gadgets For Their Safety. Easy-To-Use And Handy Devices To Help Them At Their Time Of Need

Vehicle Safety

GPS Trackers & Dash Cams


Monitor Vehicles


Over 200 Cars Are Reported Stolen Every Day. Invest In The Safety Of Your Vehicle With GPS Tracking Devices & Dash Cameras For Live Tracking And Video Surveillance.