Security Alarms

Protection from Robbery, Attacks, Road accidents and child abductions.

Premise Security Alarms

Prevent Unwanted Intrusion.

Devices to secure your Home, Shops, Office, Godowns etc.

Child Anti-Lost Alarm

Avoid getting your child being lost.

   Address the Issue of Missing Children

Personal safety Alarms

Surprise & scare away attacker

Useful to ensure women safety and child protection.

   Non-GSM Security Sirens

             These Simple alarms raises loud siren in case of any intrusion in your premises. Secure your home, office, shop , wardrobes using these simple gadgets.

  GSM Security Alarms (Auto Calling function)

       These security alarms system have a mobile inside which sound siren, and  simultaneously alerts you by calling.

  Personal Safety Alarms

       Useful in scaring attackers and raising help signal.

  Anti-Nap Alarm

     Avoid road accidents caused due to drowsiness.

  Child Anti-Lost Alarm

        Prevent your child getting away from you in public places.

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