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Self protection tools to ensure your late-night safety

By August 31, 2019June 24th, 2021No Comments

Fear is a primal instinct. A person’s brain works in such a way that if they sense any imminent peril or threat. Their body mechanisms start working differently from person to person. While many people’s brains might go on a defensive mode. There are also a few instances where the victim’s body freezes. Those are the times when they fall prey to their attackers. However, being fearless to stand in the face of fear and counterattack is possible for a few people. Fearlessness is an inherited trait, they say. However, this trait doesn’t need to be passed down to a person only through genetics. If a person decides to be offensive in times of need, to save themselves from harm, pain, and despair. Moreover, they must know self-protection moves and their own self-defense tools.

Are women protected?

The number of cases where many young men and women fall victim to unfortunate situations is much more than one could count. Those are the only registered cases that we read or hear about.

There could be as many as, if not more, similar ones that go unregistered or unheard. A case like Nirbhaya, Rohtak gangrape needs no separate introduction. These and many other similar cases shook the nation to the core. People did protests, media outlets talked about it, but as time passed, it simmered down. Even though both men and women are the victims of harassment and sexual assaults, female victims are higher than men. One of many cases where women were assaulted was Bangalore’s New Year Eve’s case in 2017.

It happened when people were out in one of the most popular areas of Bangalore – MG Road, celebrating New Year’s Eve, waiting to welcome the New Year with their friends and loved ones. Getting assaulted is scary as it is, but when the assaulters come in a group of youth, it’s scarier. When the people should have been celebrating, welcoming the New Year with zeal and zest, these young women were shivering in fear, becoming a target for lewd comments.

It was a celebratory evening with more than a thousand policemen patrolling the area. As the night progressed, the situation only degraded. The crowd grew in number, and even though the women were with their male friends or their relatives, it did little to help the matter. The night that was supposed to be fun turned out terribly for them, as they felt helpless. The policemen tried to resolve as best as they could. Still, in a place where many people gathered, it became difficult to apprehend the offenders without many people getting hurt in the process, as they kept moving through the crowd.


Self- Protection tools

The incident was one case where the assaulters did not even care about the policemen or many people gathering for the program. Imagine the power people with that kind of mentality must feel when they see a young woman out on the road at night. However, such incidents happen even during broad daylight or early evenings. Women have started taking self-defence classes for a long time. In many cases, they might have succeeded in saving themselves from such situations. However, that might not be the case with everyone.

Many young women who work long hours would not have enrolled themselves in self-defence classes. In those moments, it all comes down to the self-protection tools available in the market. From pepper spray to nunchucks, one would find a plethora of such tools. Even a woman trained in self-defence techniques could use them effectively when the need arises. XBoom deals with all kinds of safety tools to build a safer society. With tools like a stun gun, pepper spray, knife protector that a person could carry around as a safety measure, the company also provides security tools for homes and offices.

The nunchucks are another way to feel safer if one has prior experience in using the weapon. With a little bit of training, fearlessness, and the right amount of tools, the crime rate in the country would drop at least to some extent. Fearlessness might be an inherited trait, but with the right training and help from some great tools, anyone could be fearless enough to never give into assaulters’ vile intentions. If one cannot punch them hard enough, attack them with the self-protection stun gun.

Self-protection stun gun

Among many of the women’s defence tools that Xboom offers, one could choose whatever they feel like easier for them to use while out late at night. It is high time that Indian women, or any women in any country for that matter, should feel safe while they are out late at night. One does not have to look over the shoulder to ensure their safety every time they are out late. Taking self-defence classes is one way to go. Choosing from tons of women’s defence tools is another way to go. A pepper spray, a self-protection stun gun, is easy to carry around in a handbag. If a woman does not know how to use a stun gun, many tutorials are available online that teach how to handle it.


Along with many self-protection tools, Xboom also deals with different home security tools and services. The alarm clock, Fingerprint BT lock, allows a person to leave their house without any worry. With the XBoom home security product, one does not have to worry about leaving for a weekend as the IP cameras can be installed all around the house, and it would transfer live videos to mobile applications. With safety tools from this company, now one could stay out late and enjoy some time with family and friends without worrying about their safety. Customer safety is Xboom’s main priority, and they engage in providing the best products to everyone.

It doesn’t matter what one does to protect oneself, be it using weapons or applying their self-defence lessons, as long as he or she fights for their right to be treated with respect. So if fearlessness is an inherited trait, show them that you are the boss.

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