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“ Shakti ” – An Anti-sexual harassment program

“Shakti” – An Anti-sexual harassment program with a 360 degree approach towards the personal safety

We are all entitled to a safe workplace. Today employers are working closely with their employees to help reduce the risk of crime and they need to be confident that the training they supply will meet all these criteria.

Our motto –  To make a safer and healthier environment for employees, and help companies comply with the act effectively.



Modules of Shakti :

The basics of SHWW act 2013 , the violations , importance and relevance of internal committee

The module gives training on how to be composed and react while encountering ill-fated situations.

The module covers the techniques that can be implemented without any pre martial arts trainings .

The module aims to give the insights and knowledge on how to tackle social media bullies and harassments.

Different types of self defense products available in the market. Demonstration and how to use these products when a person is in a vulnerable position

How technology can help you in danger?

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Benefits :

  • A safer work environment.
  • Reduce sickness and absenteeism and the cause of stress within the workplace

  • Empowering its employees to be confident, assertive, effective, professional people when at work or travelling to and from work.
  • Employer gets the relief by following the mandatory norm of conducting such lessons for their employees

We should respect Women should respect law