Celestron Upclose G2 8X40 Porro Binocular


  • Porro Prisms
  • Wide-Angle FOV
  • Multi-Coated Optics
  • Rubber Covered Aluminum Body
  • Water Resistant
  • Rubber Eyecups


Celestron Upclose G2 8X40 Porro Binocular

The Celestron UpClose G2 8×40 Porro Binoculars are high-quality binoculars at a reasonable cost. Talk about value for the money; these binoculars have multicoated lenses for brighter, clearer, higher-contrast vision and the standard 8 power magnification with the very fair light transmission of 40-millimeter objectives. They have an AAoV of 65.4 degrees, which is incredibly broad and equates to a FOV spread of 429 feet at 1000 yards. Better three-dimensional imaging is provided by the traditional Porro prism shape with reduced light loss.

Coatings and Prisms

Two Porro prisms, reflective optical prisms with equal-length sides that form a right-angle triangle, are housed inside the UpClose G2. Porro prisms allow binoculars to be smaller while maintaining the same focal length and light-ray dispersion characteristics that give them the conventional “broad-shoulder” design. Our Porro prisms are made of high-reflectivity BK-7 optical glass, which allows for more light to go through the optical pathway and reach your eye.

The Body

You want a binocular that is secure in your hands and that you can use for extended periods of time without worrying about bumps or drops, whether you’re at a busy stadium or out on a trail. The UpClose G2 boasts an armor-protected chassis that is both strong and lightweight. Rubber is covered on its sturdy, stiff structure so that it can withstand rough use in the field. The UpClose G2 can withstand unforeseen circumstances again and time again and is water resistant.

Perfect for a Variety of Uses

8x magnification offered by UpClose G2 is the ideal power boost for athletic events, tourism, birding, animal or whale watching, and more! With an incredibly broad field of view, you can easily track moving objects even at a distance. When viewing circumstances are low-light, the 40mm aperture lets in more light for clearer perspectives. Whatever method you use to observe, these binoculars deliver good performance.

Ways to Observe

UpClose G2 may be mounted on any common photographic tripod because it is tripod-adaptable, allowing for extended viewing or digiscoping (shooting through the eyepiece). The tripod adapter is a stand-alone item. You can always keep your lenses safe by using the detachable objective lens caps. Additionally, you can concentrate on subjects at various distances even with gloves on thanks to the big, smooth focus wheel that is simple to move.

Accessories Included

The built-in neck strap of the UpClose G2 makes carrying it simple. You can take the binocular wherever you go with confidence because it also comes with a protective soft bag for storage and transportation.



Model Name
  • Upclose G2 8X40 Binocular (71252)
  • Black
  • Binoculars
  • 8 x
Objective Diameter
  • 40 mm

Additional Features

Water Resistant
  • Yes

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