IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone

39,800 inc. GST

  • 4K Camera Drone
  • UHD 20MP Sony CMOS
  • 4KM Live Video
  • 31-min Flight Time
  • GPS, 3-Axis Stabilized Gimbal
  • 10+ Flight Modes, RTH, Vertical Shooting
  • Under 249g UAV
  • Warranty claims for IZI products to be made with IZI

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Compact Power, Majestic Views: Capture the World in 4K with the IZI Mini X Nano Drone

The IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone stands as a testament to compact engineering and high-quality aerial photography. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this ultra-portable drone is equipped with a powerful 4K camera, delivering stunning image clarity and vivid colors in every shot. Its lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to carry, ensuring you never miss an opportunity for the perfect aerial shot. With advanced flight modes, stable hovering capabilities, and intuitive controls, the IZI Mini X Nano offers an unmatched flying experience. Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or chronicling your adventures, this drone is your go-to companion for spectacular aerial footage.

Ultra High-Definition 4K Camera: This drone is equipped with a state-of-the-art camera that records breathtaking 4K ultra-high-definition videos and captures stunning photographs with extraordinary detail and vibrant colors. The advanced optics and imaging technology ensure that every frame and snapshot is a testament to the beauty of your surroundings, making it perfect for both professional cinematography and casual aerial photography.

Superior Image Stabilization Technology: With cutting-edge image stabilization, the IZI Mini X Nano ensures that every video is remarkably smooth and free from shakes, even when subjected to the unpredictabilities of outdoor winds or sudden movements. This technology allows enthusiasts and professionals alike to produce cinematic quality footage that is both impressive and immersive.

Ultra-Portable and Lightweight Framework: Designed with the avid traveler in mind, this drone features a sleek, compact, and lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on performance. Its portability makes it an ideal companion for adventurers and explorers looking to document their journeys from a spectacular aerial viewpoint, offering a new perspective on the world below.

Prolonged Flight Duration: Maximizing your time in the sky, the IZI Mini X Nano is engineered for extended flight times. This feature allows users to explore greater areas and spend more time capturing the perfect shots without the constant worry about battery life, enhancing the overall drone flying experience.

Effortless Folding Mechanism: The drone incorporates an intuitive and quick folding mechanism that facilitates easy transportation and storage. This thoughtful design ensures that the drone can be prepared for flight or packed away in moments, emphasizing convenience without sacrificing the drone’s structural integrity or performance capabilities.

Dual Satellite Positioning System: By harnessing the power of both GPS and GLONASS satellite systems, the drone achieves unparalleled positional accuracy and flight stability. This dual-system approach ensures that the drone maintains a steady hover and precise flight paths, even in challenging environments, providing peace of mind during flight operations.

Intuitive and Smart Flight Modes: Featuring a variety of intelligent flight modes, such as follow me, orbit, waypoint navigation, and gesture control, this drone is equipped to capture dynamic and complex shots with ease. These modes offer pilots the flexibility to focus on creativity rather than flight control, opening up new possibilities for aerial photography and videography.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance System: Safety is paramount with the IZI Mini X Nano, which includes a sophisticated obstacle avoidance system. This technology detects and navigates around obstacles, ensuring safer flight paths and protecting the drone from unexpected collisions. This feature is particularly valuable in densely populated areas or when navigating around natural landscapes.

Seamless One-Key Operation: Catering to both beginners and seasoned pilots, the drone features a one-key takeoff and landing mechanism. This functionality simplifies the flying process, allowing pilots to launch and retrieve their drone with the touch of a button, making the flying experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Dynamic Camera Adjustment: The drone’s camera angle can be adjusted remotely, offering pilots the ability to change perspectives on the fly. This feature enriches the creative potential of each flight, allowing for the capture of shots from unique angles and elevations that would otherwise be challenging to achieve.

Real-Time Video Feed: Equipped with live video transmission technology, the drone enables pilots to view a real-time feed of the camera’s perspective through their smartphone. This immediate feedback loop allows for precise framing and composition of shots, ensuring that each flight is both productive and fulfilling.

Voice Command Capability: Adding an extra layer of convenience and futuristic control, the drone responds to voice commands. This innovative feature enhances the user experience by allowing pilots to control the drone’s movements and functions through simple spoken instructions, making the flight experience both hands-free and intuitive.

Automated Return-to-Home Function: For added safety and peace of mind, the drone features an auto-return home function. This system automatically guides the drone back to its original takeoff point whenever the battery runs low or the signal is lost, minimizing the risk of losing the drone and ensuring a safe conclusion to each flight.

Virtual Reality Compatibility: Offering an immersive flying experience, the drone is compatible with VR goggles. This feature transports pilots into the heart of the action, providing a first-person view of the flight that is both exhilarating and engaging, allowing users to experience the thrill of flight from a completely new perspective.

Comprehensive App Control: Accompanied by a dedicated mobile application, the IZI Mini X Nano provides extensive control options and features at the fingertips of the pilot. This app enriches the flying experience with additional functionalities, easy access to settings, and the ability to share your aerial adventures directly from the app, making every flight not just a journey, but a story to be told.

IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone
IZI Mini X Nano 4K Camera Drone

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