Portronics In Tune 1 6 W Soundbar


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Portronics In Tune 1 6 W Soundbar  (Black, Stereo Channel)


Portronics In-Tune 1 is a product which is one of a kind in its range. The Portable USB Soundbar produces a superb and first-class quality of sound which will give you a fantastic experience you will never forget. It is not only soothing to listen to but thanks to the dazzling LED lighting, it is pleasing to all your senses. It has a power-output of 6W which means it can function smoothly for many hours. The Soundbar has an elegant and aesthetic design with a black matte finish which is easily portable thanks to its compact, light-weight and sturdy build. So whether you are watching your favorite TV shows, movies, web-series or simply enjoying your beloved music, In-Tune 1 is your perfect companion.


  • [DISTORTION-FREE AUDIO OUTPUT] : There are times when you are just enjoying your music and it gets garbled in between! That is absolutely not a favourable situation and really affects the listening process. This soundbar is going to change such scenarios and will be your perfect audio buddy in the long run!
  • [USB PORT FOR SEAMLESS CONNECTIVITY] : The soundbar has been crafted specially for devices like laptops, PCs, TVs and other USB enabled devices. In Tune 1 makes for the perfect companion to your devices!
  • [LUCID QUALITY OF BASS] : In Tune 1 has been crafted to enrich your listening experience by ounces and it amplifies the audio that comes through. This simple soundbar is going to make every movie, song a treat to watch and hear.
  • [PORTABLE FOR EASE OF HANDLING] : The soundbar has a special relevance as it is portable, which makes it the foremost choice for those who are always on the move. You can carry along this soundbar even on long trips and just experience the same comfort as at home!
  • [ELEGANT AND STURDY DESIGN] : In Tune 1 has been produced with the aim to give you the aesthetic feel everytime you sit down to watch or listen to something.The elegantly designed soundbar appeals every time you use it!
  • [IN-LINE VOLUME CONTROLLER] : Play audio at any volume that suits your audible senses, the quality of the audio remains same, it’s garble free! Besides there is a knob on the speaker body to control the volume output however you want it!
  • [LED LIGHTING ENCASED BODY] : The soundbar lights up as soon as it is turned on and keeps on changing colours as the music blazes on. The soundbar not only amplifies audio to its prime but also by lighting up elevates the listening and watching experience a notch up!


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