Canon XA50 Professional Camcorder, Black

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  • 8.29 MP,Camcorder
  • Suitable For: Skilled Photographer
  • Built-in Lens
  • CMOS Sensor
  • Dimensions – 14 x 26.5 x 21.6 cms

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Canon XA50 Professional Camcorder, Black

4K camcorder capable of long recording time, excellent cost-performance

Canon XA50 Professional Camcorder, Black

A light, compact 4K ENG camera, the XA50 is equipped with a 2.54cm type CMOS sensor and the DIGIC DV 6 image processor. Capable of recording in 4K UHD 25p in both XF-AVC and MP4 formats, it features the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system which helps users easily achieve the highly accurate pinpoint focus demanded by 4K recording. The high-resolution Canon 4K video zoom lens supports the large image sensor, and in combination, they enable the production of high-definition 4K footage. The lower power consumption enables a shooting time twice longer than that on the XF405, which uses the same battery. This, combined with its lightweight mobility, makes the XA50 a professional-standard camcorder ideal for long hours of shooting


Beautiful, High-quality 4K Footage With The Large 2.54 cm Type Sensor

The large Dual Pixel CMOS AF-capable 2.54 cm type sensor not only lets the user achieve shallow focus effects unique to that sensor size, it also boasts improved noise performance, resulting in higher quality footage in low light situations. The camcorder supports both the XF-AVC and MP4 formats, as well as internal recording in 4K UHD YCC 4:2:0 8bit 25p. The dual SD card slots enable both simultaneous and relay recording.

*for PAL/NTSC model respectively.

Dual Pixel CMOS AF For Accurate, 4K-Ready Pinpoint Focusing

The ultra-high resolution in 4K means that it is more obvious than ever if the shot is the slightest bit out of focus, or has the tiniest hint of focus-seeking. Dual Pixel CMOS AF is a technology developed by Canon that equips each image sensor pixel with two photodiodes, making it possible for all pixels to perform both phase detection and imaging. This enhances its ability to accurately establish the location of subjects and achieve precise, tack-sharp focus — perfect for enhancing the quality of your 4K footage. Features such as
​​​​​​​Touch AF, Face Detection AF and touch tracking further support the creation of high-quality 4K video.

High-resolution 4K Video Lens; Improved Usability

To support 4K shooting with the large,
​​​​​​​2.54cm type CMOS sensor, XA50 is equipped with a Canon 4K video lens. Featuring a high-magnification 15x optical zoom that covers a focal length range from 25.5mm (wide-angle) to 382.5mm (telephoto), the lens uses a 9 blade iris aperture diaphragm capable of producing more natural and beautiful bokeh effects. It comes equipped with a built-in, motor-powered ND filter that can reduce light by three densities: 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64. The XA50 also features 5 axis image stabilization, made possible through a combination of optical and electronic image stabilization systems.
Updates have also been made to improve usability. These include a redesigned UI that makes it easier to find and configure settings; terminals optimally repositioned for easier usage; and the MIC jack enhanced to support plug-in power. All these features are packed into a compact body that, at  970g (main body only), is 20% lighter than the XF405, promising enhanced mobility.

Technical Specifications

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