Mobile DVR W300


– Built-in 2 Channel Super HD Digital CMOS Camera

– 6 Elements All Glass Lens

– 3 Channel Recording Support

– Wi-Fi Internet / Hotspot / Tethering Network

– 3G/4G Telecommunication Network

– Live View Streaming

– Live GPS Tracking

– 3rd Party Device Trigger Integration

– 1TB External HDD/SSD Memory support

Warranty: 12 Months

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3G/4G Network Connection

SRW-300 can connect to Server Platform via 3G or 4G network connection by common modem like Vodafone, Huawei..etc.

3 Channel Video Recording

SRW-300 can connect to 3rd camera for 3 Channel video recording.

Tamper-proof Cover Kit

The device comes with a Tamperproof cover kit for prevention data and power cut-off.

G-Force Sensor Alarm

When an impact is detected by the embedded G-sensor, the system records the video 15 seconds before the impact and 15 seconds after the impact and creates a 30-second event recording that is easy to locate, store and manage.

SOS Foot Button(E-Call) Alarm

The SRW-300 is designed for police officer’s/Drivers protection first. When the SOS switch is activated, then an alarm(Event) is transmitted to the server.

Print-out Drive Report

The PC Manager can convert to JPEG for saving images and print out a Driving Report Card with a snapshot image and MAP location with address and driving information attached.

LBP(Battery Discharge Prevention)

It can set up/cutoff voltage and timer for protecting the discharge of battery of a vehicle. And multiple power control options allow recording to start and stop using vehicle ignition, delayed system shutdown, and/or preset ON/OFF times.
(DC 11.8V,12V,23.7V,24V)

Screen Monitoring(V-out)

SRW-300 provides a CCTV interface for real-time video monitoring from the driver’s seat. Single and multi-view options are selectable and the device can output the 3rd camera video signal automatically when the vehicle has a signal. Users can select 4 types of video out display mode.


By simply connecting a GPS jack, you will know your vehicle’s location and speed. Use the included SRW-300 PC Manager and your video will also display with an integrated GPS map. The GPS will also enable the use of systems max speed setting to trigger event alarm video when a selected speed is achieved.

Automotive Reliability(ISO16750)

This is designed for reliable operation and has passed ISO16750 specifications. The device will not cause interference or be subjected to interference by other devices. This can also withstand an electrical spike (jump-starting a vehicle) of up to 10Kv.



Internet Network Connection

SRW-300 can connect to Server Platform via Wi-Fi internet network connection by Wireless LAN USB Adaptor use.
(Hotspot/Tethering/Internet/Pocket Wi-Fi etc.,

Support 256GB memory storage

128GB micro SDXC card support per each memory slot. (Total 256GB storage use.)

Backup to USB External Device

The SRW-300 can backup data files to a Flash memory stick via a USB port. The setup is done via the Pc Manager software. Can be used for copying Events or all files.

Motion-detect Alarm

The SRW-300 can be programmed to enter “Sleep Mode” when the vehicle is parked, reducing the frame rate of the video recording to conserve memory space. The built-in motion sensor will cause them to resume normal recording if motion is detected.

Over-speed Driving Alarm

Combined with GPS, the NDR can be stored speed event alarm video when the vehicle exceeds a preset speed.

Encryption Video Format

The system makes an encryption video file. The PC Manager enables you to playback the encrypted files if the set password is used.

Log Data(CSV)

SRW-300 is recording log history data about accident events and G-Sensor and GPS by CSV file format. This log file folder will be created at ‘Primary SD card’. The CSV format file can open Microsoft® Excel software.

Input External Trigger Event

SRW-300 can receive and send trigger signals or data via a micro USB port. Some features may need to be customized for software as a requirement.

External Hard Disk

It can use an external hard drive or SSD instead of micro SD cards use via micro USB and USB terminal.

-20°C ~ 85°C Operating Guarantee

This is designed to perform in high-temperature environments. The product has passed 96-hour temperature tests between -20°C and +85°C

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