Ideaforge Q4i UAV Drone


  • Lightweight Scout
  • Digital Sky, NPNT compliant Autopilot
  • Up to 4 km Operational Range
  • Up to 40 min Flight Time
  • < 3.5 kg Take-off Weight
  • Flight area breach prevention
  • Independent GPS-tracking
  • Built-in RFID Tag
  • Fire resistant UIN plate



ideaForge’s Q4i UAV is a lightweight & economical Micro UAV built for Mapping and Surveillance. It is India’s most reliable NPNT compliant micro drone.

With the lowest training requirement in the Industry to an NPNT compliant Autopilot, Q4i UAV is the most accessible professional Aerial Vehicle flying in Indian airspace.

Q4i is ideaForge’s one of the most economical small category VTOL UAV. Known for its performance and reliability, Q4i UAV is able to assist in diverse applications such as security & surveillance, traffic management, crowd management and disaster relief applications. Our Q4i UAV has Type Certification from DGCA.


Q4i UAV provides versatility with its swappable payloads to conduct surveillance operations during day and night. It can map out unfamiliar terrain without needing multiple drones.

Ideaforge Ninja Drone

BlueFire Touch Ground Control Station

Ideaforge Ninja Drone


Aerial Vehicle (AV)

UAV Weight with battery and max. payload <3.5 Kg
UAV Size with Propeller < 80 cm X 80 cm
Endurance (upto 1000m AMSL Take-Off) 40 minutes with Day payload (upto 1000m AMSL Takeoff)
Range of live transmission (LOS) 4 km (un-obstructed & interference free)
Typical Cruise Speed 7 m/s
Propulsion Battery Powered Electric Propulsion
Maximum operating altitude (AGL) 400m AGL (Above Ground Level)
Maximum launch altitude (AMSL) 3000m AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level)
Functional Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C (OEM Certification)
Dust & Drizzle Resistance IP 53 rating (OEM Certification)
Aural Signature <40 Db @300 meters AGL (OEM Certication)
Wind Resistance Upto 10m/s (36kmph or ~20knots)
Technical Life of UAV (Landings) Minimum 500 landings (OEM Certification)
Launch & Recovery Autonomous Vertical Take-Off & Landing (VTOL)
Maximum space required for recovery 25m x 25m open area
Autonomy Fully autonomous from Take-off to Landing without using any R/C controller
Flight Modes Altitude Hold Hover at a defined waypoint Autonomous Waypoint Navigation (pre-defined as well as dynamically adjustable waypoints during flight) Remotely Piloted mode (RPV Mode) OPTIONAL
Operating Crew Maximum 2
Deployment Time < 10 minutes
Packaging and Storage Waterproof Backpacks to carry all mission critical components with IP66 or better rating for dust and drizzle protection (OEM-certification)
Failsafe features Auto-Return to Home and Land on Communication Failure Auto-Return to Home and Land on Low Battery Multiple GPS on-board for redundancy Auto-Return to Home and Land on exceeding Wind limit of the system Auto-Return to Home and Land on Battery Imbalance Auto-Return to Home and Land on exceeding the UAV health parameters (Temperature, vibration and throttle limit of the system)
Navigation Lights Switchable (from GCS)


Payload Options Daylight HD (1280X720) with 10x optical zoom video payload Thermal 320X240 video payload (Optional) Thermal 640X480 video payload (Optional) Photogrammetry RX0 payload, fixed mount (Optional)
Video Stabilization Electronic and Gimbal stabilization of video output at all zoom levels in real-time (Applicable only with surveillance payload)
Payload Replacement Time < 5 minutes
Payload Control (in flight) Pan: 360º continuous (with UAV) Tilt: 90º (Only with surveillance payload)
Target Detection Slant Range (Human Size Target) Daylight: Minimum 800m Thermal(640X480): Minimum 400m Thermal(320X240): Minimum 200m

Ground Control Station

3D Maps OPTIONAL (WITH 3D CAPABILITY) Switchable between 2D/3D map views, capability to tilt/rotate 3D map as per user input
GUI Display parameters Geographic Map along with UAV location, UAV trajectory, camera view polygon, waypoints and flight plan (Applicable only for surveillance payloads) Real-time video from the UAV with on-screen display of important parameters like UAV co-ordinates, target (payload) co-ordinates and range from UAV, true North indication, Distance from HOME, etc. (Applicable only for surveillance payloads) Real-time video displayed at all times during the flight (Applicable only for surveillance payloads) Artificial Horizon indicating UAV attitude
Maps Capability of working with some publicly available open-source maps. Application has the capability to download maps automatically after specifying location GPS co-ordinates 2D Maps: Capability to integrate geo-referenced raster maps provided in at least one of the commonly used digital map formats (eg. GIF TIFF) as well as shape file (.shp) OPTIONAL (WITH 3D CAPABILITY) Capability to integrate SRTM and DTED based elevation data
Terrain Avoidance Detects and avoids natural terrain by using elevation data (where available)
Free Hand Annotation Capability to annotate a desired location on the map screen.
Terrain Hugging Capability to maintain uniform altitude separation from ground during navigation over non-uniform terrain
No Fly Zone Ability for user to mark zones which they do not desire the UAV to enter during flight. Also highlights airports in the vicinity and restricts UAV from entering those areas
Geo Fencing Capability in creating a virtual fence/perimeter for a real-world geographical area. It enables the user in creating a predefined boundary to avoid the RPA venturing beyond the defined area accidentally.
Channel Scan Ability to estimate the best suited channel for a desired location based on the colour indication for effective flight operations.
User Controls Take-off/Land without any manual assistance Set altitude of the UAV Waypoint navigation Dynamic flight plan adjustment Point payload to ground co-ordinate function (Applicable only in surveillance payloads RPV Mode which allows UAV to be flown in semi autonomous mode
Joystick Controls Full camera controls – Pan/Tilt & Zoom In/Out (Applicable only for surveillance payloads) RPV mode Altitude control
Video Video recorded on the GCS and exported in commonly portable video format (AVI/MP4 etc.). (Applicable only for surveillance payloads) Video of the full flight is recorded by default with option to turn recording off (Applicable only for surveillance payloads) Capability of taking image snapshots with on-screen display parameters at any time during flight (Applicable only for surveillance payloads)
Pre-flight checks Capability to perform pre-flight checks of the complete system before every flight for confirming the suitability of flightworthiness
Others Essential telemetry data logging Export of flight path in .kml format for reviewing in Google Earth

Optional GCS Features

Remote Video Streaming OPTIONAL – Stream Live Video from GCS to remote location over Internet or local network. – Option of ONVIF stream and control at remote location for 3rd party VMS integration. (Applicable only for surveillance payloads)
Moving Target Indication OPTIONAL – Highlight moving objects in live video display. (Applicable only for surveillance payloads)

Recommended GCS Controller

Type Laptop or Tablet
Screen Size Min. 10″ diagonal
Functional Temperature Range 0°C to +50°C (OEM certification)
GCS Controller Battery back-up Atleast 2 full endurance flight without spare battery
IP Rating IP53

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