Parrot ANAFI Ai


  • Ability to conduct BVLos flights
  • Always connected, worldwide continuous connection to the Internet
  • Worldwide LTE compatibility
  • Real time streaming with 12 Mbps video bitrate / Low latency 1080p streaming
  • In-flight cloud file transfer


Parrot ANAFI Ai

The ANAFI Ai 4G module supports more than 28 frequency bands, covering more than 98% of the frequencies deployed around the world. The quality and capacity of the 4G and Wi-Fi networks are measured every 100 ms to adapt the streaming to the network conditions. Combined with the routing algorithms, the connection between the drone and its controller is maintained even when the Wi-Fi is strongly disrupted. Thus, when the effective throughput (good-put) of Wi-Fi is lower than 1.5 MBps, the system automatically switches to 4G. To limit mobile data consumption when the pilot is within range of the drone’s Wi-Fi network, the 4G to Wi-Fi transition is also automatically performed, without video stream cut. The final objective of the algorithm is to maximize the available throughput while maintaining the lowest possible latency. This algorithm is implemented on each of the interfaces available on the drone, each one having its own parameters optimized according to the network. Thanks to the information provided by this algorithm, the link supervisor decides on the routing and the active interface.

Specifications of ANAFI Ai

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