Day and Night 24hours Long Time Tethered Drone for Surveillance and Patrol

  • >8 hours flight time
  • 100 meters liftoff height
  • High stable hovering
  • Backup battery switch
  • Intelligent cable release
  • 3000W power interchange
  • Safe high throughput of optical fiber
  • transmission(optical fiber version)
  • Automatic following
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Tethered UAV System KWT-TMOP-100

A solution for countless surveillance missions is the ALLTECH tethered UAV system for Permanent Surveillance. Long-term auto-hover is suited for tethered drone platforms. The KWT-X6L multirotor aircraft, the moored airborne power supply, the smart cable recovery device, and the ground high-power electric energy transmission module make up the captive drone platform. The tethered platform recognizes the long-term stagnation of the rotor drone and resolves the battery capacity issue.


Basic Info.

Model NO.
Airborne Power Supply
Deploy Landing Time
Max Payload Weigh
Cable Release Mode
Key Automatic
Backup Battery
5200mAh 35c
Intelligent Cable Release
3000W Power Interchange
Emergency Landing Time
Flight Time
>8 Hours
High Stable Hovering
Backup Battery Switch
Cable Length
120 Meters
Production Capacity

Main Applications

Day and night missions
Radio relay
Crisis management
Site protection
Traffic surveillance
Large-scale events security
Forest surveillance
Industry monitoring
Air-quality monitoring

Technical Parameters

  • Max take-off weight         15.2Kg
  • Flight time                 >8h
  • Tethered flight altitude       100m
  • Altitude hold               ±2m
  • Hovering accuracy           ±1.5m
  • Course angle accuracy        ±3°
  • Emergency landing time       <1min
  • Deploy landing time          <4min
  • Model                          KWT-X6L
  • Airborne power supply             1500W
  • Backup battery                   5200mAh 35C
  • Weight                               <10Kg*
  • Diagonal wheelbase               1600mm
  • Max payload weight               5kg

15kg payload drone

1 Body material Carbon fiber
2 Symmetrical motor wheelbase 1765±10mm
3 Empty weight 10±0.2kg (without batteries)
4 Standard takeoff weight 22±0.2kg (including 2 pieces of  high voltage batteries and 0.5kg load)
5 Maximum takeoff weight ≤37.5kg±0.2kg
6 Maximum working load 15kg
7 Flight time 75min (Altitude <=1000m, 25 ºC)
8 Full load flight time (15kg) 30min (Altitude <=1000m, 25 ºC)
9 Flying time with detonation bomb payload (with 12pcs of 48mm bombs at the same time) ≥50min (Altitude <=1000m, 25 ºC)
10 Maximum flight speed 18m/s
11 Relative flight height 4000m (Plain)
12 Maximum working altitude (above sea level) 5000m (2000m relative height above ground)
13 Wind tolerance 13.9m/s-17.1m/s
14 GPS hover accuracy Horizontal direction: ±2m
Vertical direction: ±1.5m
15 Remote control distance 7km (depending on the local electromagnetic environment)
16 Ground station control distance 10km (depending on the local electromagnetic environment)

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