Chhote Garuda Drone

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  • Obstacle Avoiding Drone
  • 1080p Travel Drone
  • Position Locking Chota Garuda Drone
  • 1080P HD WiFi FPV with a secondary
  • Optical Camera 720P HD WiFi FPV.

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Chhote Garuda Drone

With an HD 120° wide angle camera and a 1600 Mah long flight time, the [[WENGONVILA Dual Camera Chote Garuda Drone with 1080P 4k Camera 720P Live Video, WiFi FPV Drone for Adults]] has these features.

It has a WiFi HD 1080P camera and a 720P FPV (First Person View) camera as part of its dual camera system. This makes it possible to take high-definition aerial pictures and films.

The drone is referred to as being in the “Bag Version,” which could be a reference to its packaging or form factor. There may be more information about its features or design on the Amazon link you provided.

Position locking: The drone has the ability to retain its position in the air more precisely. Typically, this entails that it contains sensors or GPS technology.

The drone’s estimated flight time on a single battery charge is 30 minutes.

Range: The drone’s maximum range from the controller or its home point is between 120 and 150 metres.

Control features are the available control methods, such as smartphone apps, autonomous flight modes, or remote control.

Battery: The drone’s battery type, capacity, and expected charging time (1,600 mah).

Flight Modes: Details about the various flight modes, including orbit, waypoint navigation, and hover.
App compatibility: Whether the drone can be used with particular smartphone applications that provide extra functions, flight planning, or post-processing choices.
Information on the sort of motors utilised in the drone, such as the efficient and long-lasting brushless motors.
Flight Controller: Details on the drones’ onboard flight controllers.


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